My Thoughts on the next Prime(s) I've been apart of warframe since U10 and if there is one thing i've learned in that time its that people love to speculate about what frame is going to be the next prime. So I thought I would do a little digging see if I could find any patterns or consistencies between primes, gender, and frame color. NOTE: This is not a prediction of when these frames will come out only which prime may come out in which order. 

To Start lets look at a brief conversation led byMisdirected

To quickly summerize the converstation, Misdirected points out that the primes follow a pattern of three basic guidelines

1. Primes follow a rather consistent color pattern : White > Black > White > Black > Black > White > White > Black > Black > White

This list directly corresponds with the released primes so far

Excalibur Prime > Frost Prime > Mag Prime > Ember Prime > Rhino Prime > Loki Prime > Nyx Prime > Nova Prime > Volt Prime > Ash Prime

2. Primes gender also follows a very consistant pattern : Male > Male > Female > Female > Male > Male > Female > Female > Male > Male

3. Primes tend to follow their original order of release, (seen here[http:// ) )]

So long as it follows the former to patterns : 

(Closed Beta): Excalibur, Frost (exception), Mag, Ember, Rhino, Loki, Nyx (exception), Nova (exception), Volt, Ash

NOTE: Nova was a fan-based frame whom was incredibly popular and skipped multiple spots on the list.

Having addressed all the rules i have found so far this is my list for the next foreseeable prime releases.

NOTE: This is just my best estimate, i could be horribly wrong I could be right, DE may see this blog and release the first prime only frame just to tear my theory to shreds ( Actually that last one would be insanely awesome :D )

Anyway, here it is: 

White Trinity

Black Banshee

Black Nekros

White Vauban

White Saryn

Black Valkyr

Black Hydroid ( Cuz I cant picture a black Oberon and I cant wait for a Black Hydroid Prime ^-^

White Oberon

White Zephyr

Black Mirage ( what would be more weird, a black Mirage or a white one I honestly can't decide )

Black Limbo  ( no surprise here )

White Chorma ( I guess this makes sense because in lighting white is the combination of all colors )

White Mesa ( personally thought she would be black initially but I have to try and follow my own rules

Equinox ( Again these rules say she should be black but its Equinox, If she even gets a prime she will break the streak of color expectations one way or another, you cant have a black base yin and yang frame 

In either case, thank you for reading my first blog, I hoped you like it and let me know what you think in the comments below

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