• XtotheBlade

    The essential problem with most frame concepts that I see on here is that they do not conform to the rather elemental idea behind the current warframes. Fire (Ember), Water (Frost), Volt (Electricity), Saryn (Poison), Rhino (Power), Banshee (Sound), Mag (Magnetism), Nova (Energy), Trinity (Life), Vauban (Gravity/Physics), Nyx (Consciousness). It is blatantly obvious, actually. *Rhino is not meant to be like the animal in my opinion, just a metaphorical embodiment like how Loki is mischief*

    We don't need actual animal frames. We don't need Egyptian god's like Anubis. This is not Smite.

    Look at what they are missing in this wonderful concept of basic form. Example...How about Air/Wind? or Earth? Then, because the developers love the hell out o…

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