The essential problem with most frame concepts that I see on here is that they do not conform to the rather elemental idea behind the current warframes. Fire (Ember), Water (Frost), Volt (Electricity), Saryn (Poison), Rhino (Power), Banshee (Sound), Mag (Magnetism), Nova (Energy), Trinity (Life), Vauban (Gravity/Physics), Nyx (Consciousness). It is blatantly obvious, actually. *Rhino is not meant to be like the animal in my opinion, just a metaphorical embodiment like how Loki is mischief*

We don't need actual animal frames. We don't need Egyptian god's like Anubis. This is not Smite.

Look at what they are missing in this wonderful concept of basic form. Example...How about Air/Wind? or Earth? Then, because the developers love the hell out of using Greek words to name things, find the Greek word for them. Apply creative and unique attributes, typically 2 all around abilities, and then 2 rather situational specific ones.

Air in greek is Aer or Aether. Aer seems pretty boss, let's start with that one.

Aer - Air/Wind based [Caster Female]Edit

Swift Jump – (25) Aer jump 3/4/5 times higher than normal.

Wall of Air – (50) All enemies who pass through the wall of air are thrown off balance and stumble, causing knockdown. Lasts for 4/6/8 seconds.

Thunderclap (75) – Creates a bolt of lightning and strikes the nearest target for 200/300/400/500 damage and the resulting thunder stuns enemies in a radius of 8/12/16/20 in-game meters. Stun time is related to the proximity from the epicenter, wherein it would be 10 seconds. (Small clouds will form in her hands before clapping them together. Bolt of lightning would emit at that point along with thunder following in slight delay)

Back Draft – (100) Creates a whirlwind that interacts with fire, electricity, water (frost), and earth. Each element present causes additional damage and effects. Setting ablaze, electrocuting, freezing, and blinding respectively. Elements from abilities and gunfire from both Tenno and opposition will contribute (example, a Napalm’s flamethrower, a Tenno’s synapse, Vauban's Tesla).

Earth in Greek is something like Ga, and the main root of the name Gaia. We could use Terra too.

Gaia - Earth based [Non-Caster Female]Edit

Blow Sand (25) – Gaia blows sand out of her hand at enemies. Blinding them for 4/5/6 seconds and causing stun/stumble for 2/3/4 seconds. Sand is emitted in a cone shape as Banshee’s ability does as well. This ability does no damage, but the sand lingers in the air and affects all those who walk into for the duration of the original cast.  Could also move similar to Frost's Ice Wave.

Quake (50) – She places her hands on the ground and causes a small tremor in the ground knocking all enemies to the floor once and dealing 50/100/200 damage.

Gravity Shift (75) – Enemies suffer from increased gravitational forces. They are slowed drastically for 4/6/8/10 seconds and may not jump. Airborne enemies are brought to the ground and recieve 500 damage.

Seeds of Life (100) – Gaia spins and throws seeds in a circular fashion of 6/10/14/18 in-game meters. They immediately sprout and form a wall of vines/plants. This plant circle will be unable to be crossed and will shield those inside for 10/14/18/22 seconds or until 2000/4000/6000/8000 damage is taken in any given section of the circle (maybe have 4 sections?). Vines deal no damage. Tenno inside the circle are given 2/3/4/5 health per second.

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