• Xylden

    Devstream 91 new mods

    April 29, 2017 by Xylden

    Here are the mods showed during Devstream 91

    They ere not be the released version so their stats may change

    Stokpilled Blight : 2% seems weird since Slip magazine is 30% but it may change.

    Entropy Detonation : remind me of vulcan blitz but it need channeled ground attack so maybe a gimmick ?

    Avenging Truth : may be nice but S&A need more imo to be good but we'll see when it's released.

    Voltage Sequence : sounds like a gimmick to me but the radiation aoe from sequence may be enougth.

    Neutralizing Justice : i don't use the miter a lot so i don't know but 1shoting nullifier bubble looks like a great utility addition for the miter.

    The last one is basically firestorm for pistol so it's cool.

    'what are your thought about those mods ?'

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