So, I play Rhino quite a bit (I love eating damage), and I've been trying to create an undying Rhino. I'm currently making use of two different tanking styles I've built onto my Rhino. Here's what I have so far:

Supertank (I've found it to be great vs. endgame content):


Alternate Gunslinger Tank Build:


Polarities w/o Mods:



  • I made this build to draw fire from teammates on relatively high-levelled missions, and solely stick to gunplay.
  • These builds eat damage like a true tank; there's nothing more satisfying than standing in front of a heavy gunner and laughing.
  • (IMO) They feel more skill-reliant, due to the lack of a room-clearing ultimate, and the fact that guns/melee are the sole damage outputs on these builds.


  • The Vanguard Helmet may be replaced by the Thrak at the cost of move speed, but I prefer it due to the -5% power strength being negligible with Blind Rage.


  • Going to max out mods in order:
    1. Steel Fiber (2 Levels)
    2. Blind Rage (4 Levels)
    3. Narrow Minded (6 Levels)

If you need me for any sort of mission, feel free to ask; I'll play with anyone, regardless of mastery/skill! My IGN is "PaperHat".

Post thoughts/suggestions/alternative builds below; advice is always appreciated.

Note: this is my SECOND Rhino. I built a second Rhino so I could use my original for its utility/cc, and built this one for facetanking/gunning down just about anything. You can rage on all you'd like about how the lack of Stomp ruins Rhino, but just know I've got a second Rhino for that. Also, if you think I'm wasting my time solely playing one frame, I own and have 30'd every frame currently in this game (and a second Rhino at that!); I'm mastery rank 11.

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