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    MOAR RNG from DE!!!

    January 3, 2014 by YourMoms

    Preface: This is not a complaint. Just some thoughts.My first complaint will be quitting the game:) But so far I'm still in.

    I am not recollecting now since when does the RNG in WF bother me that much? I guess since always.

    Back in the days, in 1st of April 2012th when I firs was invovled playing this game I really liked it from the 1st glance. Slicky graphics, parkour, cool ideal of space ninja - it all made me addicted to this game at once - me with two other guys went nuts going more and more deeper into the solar system.

    My first rage instance was a month or so after I started plsying - I was willing to get Frost bing the most desired frame for me because of his Snow Globe (s

    upportive roles in team - that's for me). But in fact it took a …

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