Preface: This is not a complaint. Just some thoughts.My first complaint will be quitting the game:) But so far I'm still in.

I am not recollecting now since when does the RNG in WF bother me that much? I guess since always.

Back in the days, in 1st of April 2012th when I firs was invovled playing this game I really liked it from the 1st glance. Slicky graphics, parkour, cool ideal of space ninja - it all made me addicted to this game at once - me with two other guys went nuts going more and more deeper into the solar system.

My first rage instance was a month or so after I started plsying - I was willing to get Frost bing the most desired frame for me because of his Snow Globe (s

upportive roles in team - that's for me). But in fact it took a month for me to acquire it and I am not even kidding. Back in the days the blueprints were the white spheres that boss had some chance to drop. Well, let us see, I think I got about a blueprinp per 5-6 runs from Krill, not menioning I had almost zero chance killing him in solo, and in order to gather a good party I needed some time - hence I allowed myself to spend an hour a day for farming him, and it took me a month to finally gather all the parts of frost together. And almost instantaneously Frost Prime was released, guess how happy I was knowing that I could easely skip farming this guy.

And this was only the beginning of the edless RNG frustration festival.

Next came the first Prime melee available through void - Reaper prime. I swear playing over 100 T3 missions of that time that had some chance dropping the blade of Reaper prime - and nothing was acuired at all. For info: I was only able to acquire it recently by accident in corresponding void ( like 5 months or so since the release inspite of constant grinding)

Next was Hammer shot makeing me go through over 300+ Nightmares on daily basis to finally get one single HS.

Than it was Braton Prime Reciever which I farmed in the T3 Def missions a lot ( over 100 tries again - mostly barrels/forma blueprints and forma). And what a surprise - not a single fang prime blade. Wow - we have a new winner right here - until now I think I celebrated my 300th or so T3 def but not a single Blade.

I do not care much about Detron anymore but looking to the new RNG-logic and my yesterday trial when I leterary wasted all my evening and late night (about 8 hours/50 VS Corpus missions of all kind Online/Solo/Private but have not even seen Harvester) - this will be another 5 month to get this weapon.

DE became predictable making the game less and less playable.

Couple more steps and it will go down the drain.

Sincerely hope this won't happen.


UPD: Just came from the forums, where I talked to the guy who confirmed my idea that every account has it's own random seed and hence it's own drop rate that might have had some insignificant variation such as 1-2% but in fact it has mosterously huge influence and that is why there are some increditbly hard to get items ingame for some people.

For a fact as a part of experiment I ran through 600 missions VS Corpus tried to use Alerts, different combination of bosses killed, playing solo, playing online with different player quantity, all types of mission incl. invasions of all kind, played couple of missions with the same players, played same mission with different random players, played with set team - this all was done in vein since I can almost guarantee that for my particular account - Harvester apearence is totally disabled (by my RNG seed or any other issue, idk) , but I have no rational explaination for this.

Small after-livestream update: I was carefully watching when DE were doing their best to disclose as less as possible as for the Harvester as well as avoiding to answer how come is the Reward system is the subject of self-tasking for most of the players instead of let us say hardcore nightmare missions with decent rewards/long endless defences(some tournament version with harder enemies), some tricky survival, promissed mindful sabotage where you not only need to destroy the object but to bring some more objective such as deployable charges - the more you bring -the harder it will be to proceed. Insted what we have is just blind raged fight vs RNG which is immaturely raw and unfair. What fun is that to play monotonous mission hundreds+ times just to acquire some rare mod? Why can not it be the missions where you need some skills instead of patience and luck. Then, perhaps, in time you will need less platinum and time for the game - and this is definitely not what they want.

The most disgusting part is that they perfectly understand this and acknowledge they are not in a hurry changing it in nearest future

One more thing. They gave us a hint yestarday - Supporting grineer in Invasions is the condition to call Harvester. Not that I supported Corpus before ( altogeter 10% for corpus and 90% for Grineer - around 300-400 runs, not sure how many exactly) And guess what? Yet another 20 tries(lost count of those) online and it's now ~700 runs without Harvester. And yes tried Xini, Io, other reported missions, all Online with 4 x chance, but all in vein. Now I am absolutely sure that it's bugged mechanics not letting it apear for my particular account. 

I wonder if doctors give such insurance for their surgery operations would any1 survive it?

Thanks DE, thanks million times :)

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