• Zadir7

    Mod uselessness.

    January 10, 2015 by Zadir7

    Official forum topic:

    It's a big wall of text, but I think it's true problem in weapon modding. We have no real variety of mods. You build for pure dps and try to play with your weapons pros and cons, not even trying to improve "feeling" of your weapons.

    Here i'll try to describe the problem like "in a few words"

    1.There are many mods with 10+ cost, especially in Derelict, that give almost no real value.

    2. Speaking about Derelict, many Corrupted mods are very bad in comparision to their "normal" versions.

    3.Look at Critical Delay. It give one third (!) of crit chance that Point Strike gives, but even has …

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