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    ​Welcome to my full-tank Chroma build. This build is good for going directly into hordes of enemies while taking minimal damage. When using this build you have to use vex armor and elemental ward alot.

    before you do anything else, make sure you have a cold energy colour (white) and 3 formas (1 polarity for your aura and additional 2 polarities on your Warframe).

    This is an Overview of the build:

               ==Mod explanations== Rejuvenation : This mod is a must, because you WILL take health damage when going into the masses.

    Continuity : Power duration will help you maintain your Vex armor and elemental ward.

    Narrow Minded : You don't need power range. Who cares about teammates anyways?

    Intensify : Power strenght increases the effects of Vex armor and…

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