​Welcome to my full-tank Chroma build. This build is good for going directly into hordes of enemies while taking minimal damage. When using this build you have to use vex armor and elemental ward alot.

Getting started

before you do anything else, make sure you have a cold energy colour (white) and 3 formas (1 Vazarin Pol polarity for your aura and additional 2 Vazarin Pol polarities on your Warframe).

Overview and Mods

This is an Overview of the build:

Warfrahm chroma

           ==Mod explanations== Rejuvenation : This mod is a must, because you WILL take health damage when going into the masses.

Continuity : Power duration will help you maintain your Vex armor and elemental ward.

Narrow Minded : You don't need power range. Who cares about teammates anyways?

Intensify : Power strenght increases the effects of Vex armor and elemental ward. You don't want to get Blind rage , because you will need every energy orb because of the lack of energy siphon and you don't want to get Transient Fortitude , because you need alot of duration.

Steel Fiber : Armor is the only reason why chroma is so tanky. You need this mod to get enough armor to resist everything. This also stacks with Vex armor.

Streamline and Vitality: Core mods. No explanation needed.

Rage : This mod helps you regain energy quickly.

VigorVex Armor needs 400 shields to be depleted to reach its maximum effect. Because Chroma has 300 shields at rank 30, he needs at least a vigor to boost it up to 400 (or more in this case).


All you need to do is activating vex armor and elemental ward and rush into the enemies. Be sure to press 3 then 2 in a rapid succession, because that will remove elemental wards casting animation (could be a bug). (fixed)


When your armor from vex armor is maxed out combined with elemental ward you will get

 [(350 x 1.5 x 1.3) x 3.5 x 1.3] + [350 × ( 1 + 1.1 ) × 3.5 × 1.3] = 6450 points of armor

(inform me if i made any mistakes here)