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    So a few mins ago before this post, I was doing an invasion mission solo (I generally play solo anyway).

    I was lvling my newly forma'd akstilletto ranked 10 at the time, I had dual zoren made only for zoren coptering and tetra that is ranked 23 without potato.

    I was using my recent forma ash ranked 20 at the time and worst of all, I was taking my djinn out for a spin because it looked pretty and I took out

    djinn's attack ability as I was leveling my secondary.

    Now, the fun part, I ran into grustrag 3 whilst using these gears and they were ranked 29~ish (I think as I saw it for a split second and just started shooting).

    I had one of the most memorable battle I've ever fought in the recent memory, such a fun fight knowing that the only thing that…

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    I'm very annoyed at the new broken lights, but not so much about the random death it gives from time to time.

    I'm annoyed at:

    1. sometimes they are placed in a spot where you will NOT see them coming. (therefore, no matter how good you are, you will potentially miss it)

    2. I have no idea about this and I have yet to actually test it (ok actually I'm just too lazy to record then count how many shots I've fired in a round vs the time I hit something)

    however, do they count for accuracy? I know I'm not the best shot in the world, but I do take a certain pride in every bullets I fired.

    Now now, I know I might just be a bit annoyed at something most people don't care about - or care for different reasons - but, I mean come on.

    what are you guys' opin…

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    Well, I hope we all get to have a bit of fun doing the event.

    Hope the wikia with you guys contributing also helped you guys doing the event.

    Buut... I guess I'll pop the question, how's everyone doing? hope everyone got through 500 for the gorgon wraith.

    This isn't really a question/answer blog, it's just a plain old blog saying hi to everyone and wishing everyone well to those who wishes to pursuit the rewards :)

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    Blocking after U12

    February 11, 2014 by Zipgamingonline

    I ran 3 runs on Mercury-Terminus, solely dedicated on checking on block after U12.

    I read all their forum changes and fixes, and after running tests I really am scratching my head.

    They have yet to do anything on blocking, I thought oh well maybe just me not watching my health properly - but no!

    I used my oberon rank 30 without steel fiber or any mods that alters incoming damage and I only counted the shield damage as they never broke through my health

    and that'll take way too long.

    I use grineer butcher as the target sample as it's easy to use them with consistent results.

    so here's what I get:

    with blocking:

    1 attack from grineer butcher: 30 dmg

    without blocking:

    1 attack from grineer butcher: 30 dmg

    I even tested the grineer lancer:

    with blocking:


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