I'm very annoyed at the new broken lights, but not so much about the random death it gives from time to time.

I'm annoyed at:

1. sometimes they are placed in a spot where you will NOT see them coming. (therefore, no matter how good you are, you will potentially miss it)

2. I have no idea about this and I have yet to actually test it (ok actually I'm just too lazy to record then count how many shots I've fired in a round vs the time I hit something)

however, do they count for accuracy? I know I'm not the best shot in the world, but I do take a certain pride in every bullets I fired.

Now now, I know I might just be a bit annoyed at something most people don't care about - or care for different reasons - but, I mean come on.

what are you guys' opinions and is there a trick that you guys use to "negate" the effects of broken lights?

PS. please don't  answer "IRON SKIN!" because that's just a tad bit silly, plenty of things in the game can be negated with iron skin, so please don't mention that :)

unless you really really can't help yourself xD

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