So a few mins ago before this post, I was doing an invasion mission solo (I generally play solo anyway).

I was lvling my newly forma'd akstilletto ranked 10 at the time, I had dual zoren made only for zoren coptering and tetra that is ranked 23 without potato.

I was using my recent forma ash ranked 20 at the time and worst of all, I was taking my djinn out for a spin because it looked pretty and I took out

djinn's attack ability as I was leveling my secondary.

Now, the fun part, I ran into grustrag 3 whilst using these gears and they were ranked 29~ish (I think as I saw it for a split second and just started shooting).

I had one of the most memorable battle I've ever fought in the recent memory, such a fun fight knowing that the only thing that kept me alive was my ability to evade their attacks.

I tried as much as I can to strike back whilst their bullets came past my frame, it actually came pretty close as the moment I took out Vem Tabook (the one with hek) I only had 23 health.

I remember as I tried to draw g3 into a long narrow corridor hoping to force them into 1v1 fights, being able to take out Shik Tal (the shield guy) on that narrow corridor by forcing him

to walk through my wall of bullets; taking out Leekter (hammer guy) by forcing him to go into an open area so he can't take cover - I mean I even resorted to pulling Vem Tabook

to a squad of corpus to keep him busy and trying to take him out whilst he's under tech's barrage of supra's energy bullets.


I suppose this is one of those asking: what have you done recently that gives you that "rush" whilst playing WF? share stories and such.

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