• Zirkir1

    u13 has done it.

    April 15, 2014 by Zirkir1

    Do you guys have the same problem over and over agian.

    The problem that kicks me maybe you or maybe your neigbour from the game. Well I am completly done with it, U13 patch notes said that DE has improved all kinds off performances but all I see is the login screen. Time out server kicked out. 

    Way to go Update 13 Performance fixes.

    Am I the only one with this or are you guys having the same issue 

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  • Zirkir1

    Hello Guys, 

    I have been playing warframe for a long time now. If there would be a mission type I like the most that would be Survival.

    The reason I like it is because it gets harder overtime and you get "swarm" over by enemies.

    Well Thats how it used to in the Event before survival got introced. I liked the event survival alot because enemies are chasing you instead off you chasing down enemies (New survival)

    It takes away the thrill you search you're enemies while its supposed to be a survival mission. I'd like to see that good old survival defence maps where you have to fight to survive.

    I am not a big fan off exploring huge maps hoping to find enemies.

    I rather have the enemy hunting me down. Thats more fun and entertaining.

    What do you guys …

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