• Zolcsii

    Hello guys.

    Standing farm is a top priority for many tenno nowadays. What are the places and the methods that you advise to achieve high amounts of it?

    Here are some (obvious) examples of my choices.

    Pluto-Cerberus is a top place to farm standing. it's not a hard place to be, if you have a little attention there and there. It's not a big map, yes it's bigger than the late Viver was, but it manages just fine. The main problem with this level is to go far in public. Ok, there you go Recruting Tab. :)

    Sedna-Kappa is a good xp and standing farming place. 3 phases, lots of enemies, and not a high level place too. However, they can easily overwhelm the point if you don't guard it.

    Ceres-Kiste is my personal favourite, because it not only yields nice st…

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