• Zxorn

    Maximum Banshee U18.9

    April 22, 2016 by Zxorn

    In sight of her new Deluxe skin. I decided to showcase my multi config Banshee Build. This build is able to mold and specialize her abilities to fit different group and solo roles. Banshee has always been a meta gamer favorite due to her Sonar ability but she does have other perks to offer, including her more recent and impressive solo melee role.

    Though not required, her Arcane Chorus Banshee Helmet can  be fairly helpful (and cheap... for now)

    To start this build off you will need 5 forma total x3, x1 and x1. You can go with less if you only desire a certain config but to gain access to all shown here you'll have to cough up five.

    Required for Build Required for Variants Optional
    Quick Thinking Stretch Corrosive Projection
    Primed Flow Intensify…

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  • Zxorn

    Maximum Nyx U18.7

    April 3, 2016 by Zxorn

    This is a multi Config Nyx Build able to specialize her CC abilities to suit your needs. The strongest asset Nyx has is the ability to change the functionality of her abilities to bring top end CC to any mission. Nyx is a very rewarding CC frame but also unforgiving. You must learn her abilities well and understand how enemies react to them. If you play her correctly you can finish missions without having ever fired a single shot.

    I would highly recommend investing in Nyx Prime and her Arcane Vespa Helmet if you're serious about making the most of this frame.

    To start this build off you will need x1, x1 then or , either works for all variants supplied here.

    Required for Build

    Required for Variants


    Overextended Constitution Rush
    Primed Con…

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  • Zxorn

    Maximum Chroma U18.6

    March 18, 2016 by Zxorn

    This is a universal Chroma Build to be used with either Zenurik Focus - Energy Overflow or Naramon Focus - Traumatic Redirection for either Gunplay or Melee. To start the build off you will need 4 Forma, x2 and x2.

    Required for Build Required for Variants Optional
    Vitality Constitution Vigor
    Blind Rage Fleeting Expertise Corrosive Projection
    Transient Fortitude Steel Fiber Steel Charge
    Narrow Minded
    Power Drift
    Primed Continuity

    • Naramon Arcane Ranged Setup:

    For guns at LEAST Arcane Grace is required and you will want to slot Steel Fiber as you will not have the cover of invisibility though you can use Redeemer to proc invisibility as a primary weapon. Cold Ward performs better with a Gunplay setup.

    • Zenurik Melee Setup:


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