In sight of her new Deluxe skin. I decided to showcase my multi config Banshee Build. This build is able to mold and specialize her abilities to fit different group and solo roles. Banshee has always been a meta gamer favorite due to her Sonar ability but she does have other perks to offer, including her more recent and impressive solo melee role.

Though not required, her Arcane Chorus Banshee Helmet can  be fairly helpful (and cheap... for now)

To start this build off you will need 5 forma total Naramon Polx3, Vazarin Polx1 and Madurai Polx1. You can go with less if you only desire a certain config but to gain access to all shown here you'll have to cough up five.

Recommended Mods for Build:

Required for Build Required for Variants Optional
Quick Thinking Stretch Corrosive Projection
Primed Flow Intensify Energy Siphon
Resonance Transient Fortitude Rush
Streamline Blind Rage Handspring
Primed Continuity Savage Silence Coaction Drift
Sonic Fracture Natural Talent
Cunning Drift

Build and Variants:

  • High Level Sonar Setup:
This setup puts focus on Banshee's primary value in high level group play. Your main focus is to keep Sonar on enemies and allow another group member to CC for you acting as backup CC. Energy use can be sparse for the first 5 minutes of a mission but is very manageable afterwards as your group kill rate will be massive using a +1270% multiplier.

  • Hybrid Armor Shred + Sonar Setup:

If you're unsure of the presence of CPx4 this setup is designed to maximize group damage through stripping enemy armor while keeping a modest +775% Sonar damage multiplier. Note: Sonic Fracture is not max rank. I'll explain this in more detail under the Hybrid's Game Play section.

  • Savage Naramon Stealth Setup:

A newer Solo or Group Melee design, based around synergy between Stealth Bonus + 925% Sonar + Savage Silence + Naramon + Bleed Damage and/or Finishers. Though not new; the added synergy of Radiant Finish and Blade Storm if you're grouped is hilarious.

  • Stun Specialized Negative Duration Setup:

This setup puts focus on the stun portion of Banshee's Silence. Much like my Nyx setup a 13% duration allows you to recast the ability every 3.25 seconds. It's most notable use is for Interception missions where the frequent stun will prevent captures indefinitely.

  • Sound Quake Setup:

A Sound Quake Banshee can perform quite well in a CC role esp in mission types where you may end up waiting on a timer or excavator. A 37m Sonic Boom gives you great CC on the move as well.

Except for her Savage Naramon Setup, Zenurik - Energy Overflow works well with Banshee as she generally depends on Quick Thinking for her eHP. In the case of Stun Negative Duration Setup it's highly recommended but for other setups it's not entirely required. Madurai IPS Passives are a good consideration for High Level Sonar Setup as you will generally just be casting Sonar and shooting. Savage Naramon Setup is the ideal Solo variant, the others are built around group play to varying degrees.

Ability Details

Banshee's abilities are for the most part pretty straight forward but I still feel the need to give some examples on how changing Power Range and Strength can affect some of them and where the various potency levels have the most use.

  • Sonic Boom
Panic button and touch up CC will be the primary use here. There are no real changes between Power Duration and Strength. The only downside to increasing Power Range would be in terms of ruining your group's aim though having an increased area can make it better for on-the-go CC. This can also open enemies to ground finishers like most knockdowns. Her Sonic Fracture augment gives an additional use as an offensive armor shred ability.
  • Sonar
Banshee's brand ability and her most valuable group asset. Sonar is capable of supplying the highest possible damage multiplier in the game and is respected by any experienced Tenno. Most players are accustom to aiming at the soft spots of enemies and when grouped with a Banshee; it's assumed that aiming at Exposed areas instead will be rewarded. I would always recommend you have at least an Intensify or Transient Fortitude. Power Range comes into play with just as much importance however her Resonance ability will assist with that need. While an Overextended mod would help with exposure her augment will achieve similar results without sacrificing Power Strength. It's also important to know that each time Resonance occurs; an additional Exposed area is added to all enemies in range. It's actually possible to completely cover an enemy with an occasionally overlap granting the multiplier more than once.
  • Silence
One of Banshee's more variable abilities. When first cast it can be useful as a panic button. With a Negative Duration build you can focus on it's stun giving you decent ambient CC. Power Range can have a rather large effect on how the ability is used and it's effectiveness. Max Range without Negative Duration does not tend to be useful as a CC but still manages to have some use as a stealth mechanic. Simply using a Stretch mod tends to be the most effective radius for gunplay and it's important to know movement and positioning can improve the ability's value as a CC. At Base Range it can still perform well for a Melee setup, esp when grouped with other melee players. Silence also has Synergy value with other frames, esp with her Savage Silence augment whicih not only opens enemies to melee finisher attacks but can impove stealth multipliers on enemies which are stuned by a CC effect which as a Heat or Electric proc.
  • Sound Quake
Through this ability will stagger lock all enemies within it's area; there are rare times when enemies are able to get a shot off while inside the radius. Mixed with Sonic Boom and Silence this ability can push Banshee to a very decent level in a CC role though as it prevents you from taking any other actions your team must be willing or able to sustain damage without your help if you intend to simply channel it till everything is dead. Since it's greatly improved by Power Range it's not uncommon to end up with lower than Base Power Strength which results in a fairly useless Sonar so if you want to use Sonar as well, Overextended is not advised.

Damage Output Examples (TTK)

The first item is the base-line or control "Time To Kill" to compare with other results. Target is a lvl 120 Heavy Gunner. All of these examples have been slowed to 0.8x  speed for easier viewing.


High Level Sonar: Max base Damage and Sonar Multipliers using Soma Prime.

Soma Prime Build used for these tests.


Savage Naramon: Max Damage numbers using Scindo Prime w/ Tempo Royale.

Game Play

Banshee is not really a frame for newer players, this isn't because her abilities are hard to understand but more that she requires the player to have previous knowledge of different aspect of the game in order to know what they can and cannot get away with. She is terribly squishy at base value and her mod slots are very valuable so using too many defense mods can cause a fairly large difference in her performance. Once you know enemy telegraphed attacks, how they generally react in different situations as well as how dangerous each type and their available attacks are, you can forgo using recovery or defensive mods and instead use your own active mitigation and evasion.

High Level Sonar: While this setup works fine for mid level enemies the heavy focus on her Sonar ability comes to a lot of wasted potential. Even near lvl 100 you'll find enemies simply evaporate when you strike their weak points. Overkill isn't really a bad thing though and all but her Sound Quake are functional with decent duration and ideal range attached to them. Unfortunately the reduced efficiency from Blind Rage can cause energy problems if you intend to use those other abilities often. If you use Zenurik - Energy Overflow any efficiency problems vanish however this is really designed around letting another group member CC for you. You can do some touch up CC with Sonic Boom and Silence but you're main role here is Sonar. With an ideal group setup you can choose between Zenurik or Madurai as your Focus since this is generally a Gunplay setup. At the beginning of an endless mission you're sonar isn't needed so you can store up energy till enemies get higher in level. In a Sorties you may want to consider starting off the mission with an energy restore.

Hybrid Armor Shred + Sonar: This setup is best for random groups and can be configured two different ways depending on you're intentions. As mentioned before her Sonic Fracture augment is not max. This is to prevent the ability from completely stripping armor from enemies when you have higher than 43% Power Strength. Considering that other players will most likely be using Corrosive Damage in a random group against armored enemies, it's ideal to let everyone keep the +75% bonus against Ferrite. Alternatively you can choose to max the augment and swap to Viral Damage however this leaves a mix of armored and unarmored enemies in the game and can make you very dependent on Sonic Boom where as with the Corrosive configuration you can choose to only use the armor shred on heavies.

  • I've not completely tested how Sonic Fracture, Corrosive Projection and Corrosive bCorrosive Status interact with each other. I've only found that with three Corrosive Projections in the game using Sonic Fracture at 85% total armor reduction I was unable to strip a lvl 120 Heavy Gunner of armor before they died using a 120% status Corrosive bCorrosive Damage Quanta Vandal. ( This being the highest counter productive situation you would normally come across. ) You may find a weapon like Twin Grakatas able to do this though and the easiest fix is to simply drop the augment to rank 1 at base 45% armor reduction instead but the duration of the debuff is also lower. You can swap Transient Fortitude for Intensify, gain a little duration and be able to max the augment but you're Sonar Damage multiplier will suffer. The result is a net loss in damage output against enemies when you're attacking their weak points. Any of these options will work fine, it's up to your play style and gun choice in the end.
  • Unfortunantly this method will only work on armored enemies within the lvl 50-200 range. Once an enemy has 50k armor, you may be forced to use a 100% augment or seek other methods of dealing with enemy armor.

Savage Naramon Stealth: You can choose to go with a general melee setup and slash away at enemies or use a Finisher style of play. Starting out with this setup is probably the most dangerous portion of a mission, even if you decide to go up to lvl 350. You can choose to wait for your Focus CD or push through till it shows. On most endless missions it won't matter much but on a solo Sorties I'd recommend the waiting option. For general melee any weapon with fairly high Slash bSlash Damage and decent status chance is ideal since Bleeds are amplified by stealth multipliers. You can also make your choice based on weapon stances which have a guaranteed Bleed proc as part of their combo.

  • Silence + Savage Silence also has amazing synergy with various frames that gain finisher damage bonus such as Excalibur with his Radiant Finish and frames like Ash or Equinox who have abilities that deal straight Finisher or Slash bSlash damage.
  • As mentioned breifly in the Silence Abilities section. Savage Silence has the added effect of imposing stealth multipliers of enemies regardless of their alert status when an enemy is forced into animations such as the CC effect of a Heat proc. Bleed and Gas status effects are esp strong when taking advantage of stealth multipliers and can be very benificial to any melee teammates

Stun Specialized Negative Duration: So far the best value of this setup is for Interception Missions, though it also has value for a Stun + Finisher style of play as each cast of Silence will open enemies to Finisher attacks. When starting a mission solo or grouped you'll need to use one Energy Restore. Adding a Syndicate weapon which procs energy can also be helpful. I would highly recommend using Zenurik - Energy Overflow with this setup. For solo or group play your best roll is to simply cast Silence every 3.25 seconds. You can try to fit a Sonar in for priority targets but at a 4s duration you will not get much time out of it. Sonic Boom is also helpful for keeping enemies from shooting during a very small window between the stun portion of Silence and when you are able to recast it. Natural Talent makes all of these options easier to fit into your very constricted time frame. Solo you may be best off hiding somewhere and maintaining your CC, in a group you can shoot enemies within your small window or simply do your part assuring that enemies can't possibly cap a point due to being stunned for 2 seconds every 3 seconds.

Sound Quake Setup: A CC setup for Banshee can have varied results depending on faction these days. Before Nullifiers it used to work a bit better, though it's still manageable and quite good for Infested and Grineer. Against Corpus standing still to use Sound Quake can be a death sentence so you'll be using a lot more of her Sonic Boom, standing still against high level Corpus to use Sound Quake for more than a second or two is not recommended. Silence's aggro reduction will keep you safe from most sniper units in a group setting but not against Nullifiers. You may want to consider removing Overextended to get more value from her Silence as a CC and of course remember to move often. You can also use terrain, choke points and corners to your advantage allowing you to channel Sound Quake for a longer duration. Grineer Snipers are not as problematic with a Max Range setup as you will often out range their attack radius and be the last thing they tend to target anyways. This setup works especially well in Defense, Mobile Defense and Excavation Missions.