This is a universal Chroma Build to be used with either Zenurik Focus - Energy Overflow or Naramon Focus - Traumatic Redirection for either Gunplay or Melee. To start the build off you will need 4 Forma, Madurai Polx2 and Vazarin Polx2.

Recommended Mods for Build

Required for Build Required for Variants Optional
Vitality Constitution Vigor
Blind Rage Fleeting Expertise Corrosive Projection
Transient Fortitude Steel Fiber Steel Charge
Narrow Minded Rush
Streamline Power Drift
Intensify Rage
Primed Continuity

Build and Variants

  • Naramon Arcane Ranged Setup:

For guns at LEAST Arcane Grace is required and you will want to slot Steel Fiber as you will not have the cover of invisibility though you can use Redeemer to proc invisibility as a primary weapon. Cold Ward performs better with a Gunplay setup.

  • Zenurik Melee Setup:

Using Zenurik Energy Overflow works well without requiring Arcanes or tons of invested Focus points and you gain max Vex buff usually within one or two hits to your HP. Cold or Fire work well.

  • Zenurik Melee + Vigor Setup:

Using Vigor will Maximize your armor with one trip through your shields. It does NOT provide the highest eHP but still maintains high Power Strength as well. You lose 52% from your maximum damage output.

If you choose to run Corrosive Projection you will need to forma one more slot in addition, which one depends on your choice of play or if you want to play it safe choose your Exilus slot and stick with your favorite. This forma setup still allows you to slot Steel Fiber over Fleeting Expertise, Vigor over Intensify and other variants. So there is no real loss in using this build with any above variant, at least until Primed Vigor shows.

Weapon Builds

  • War - Interchangeable Build

This is the War setup used in my examples. Like Chroma it will allow you to swap to most variations and any desired element combo. Req Madurai Polx2

Fire Vs. Cold Vs. Vigor

Name Scorn Conv. (Armor%) Fury Conv. (Damage%) Total Armor Value Total HP Total eHP
Max Values 2.235% (994%) 4.97% (597%) 7306 (96.06%) 1,308 33,462
Max Values 2.235% (994%) 4.97% (597%) 19343 (98.47%) 740 48,753
Vitality + SF 2.235% (770%) 597% (100HP) 5663 (94.94%) 1,308 26,299
Vitality + SF 2.235% (770%) 597% (100HP) 14994 (98.04%) 740 38,025
V + SF + Vigor 1.9725% (889%) 4.445% (545%) 6534 (95.61%) 1,428 32,851
V + SF + Vigor 1.9725% (889%) 4.445% (100HP) 15278 (98.07%) 860 45,075

Non-Max values are considering one trip through your shields (300 or 420) and 100 damage to health pool.

Fire Cold Vigor
  • Higher Melee Damage potential.
  • Highest eHP.
  • Maximum Armor with 400 (420) Shields.
  • Self Sustained 43%eHP Healing.
  • Conditional Bonus mitigation via Cold Status Effect.
  • Second Highest eHP.
  • Requires Guardian proc or 4s of Shield recharge to Max Armor.
  • Easier Gap closing on Slowed enemies for Melee.
  • Guardian proc will reinstate Max Armor.
  • Small 5m Fire Status Chance for CC.
  • Requires Guardian proc or 4s of Shield recharge to Max Armor.
  • Requires Alternate means of Healing.

Damage Output Examples

Game Play

For Gun play the main rewards over a typical build is Arcane Avenger proc, you also gain the advantage of not relying on enemies to damage you to gain full power to your Vex Armor damage buff. Remember that Arcane Grace is required for this setup. Fire or Cold Elemental Ward work well. Cold is better however as it's proc can save you from extra damage and you can afford to slot Life Strike or similar means of healing.

Zenurik melee is probability the easiest variant to use and create in this build. You have tons of energy regen to use all of Chroma's available abilities at will while still keeping maxed Power rating and high Duration. Much like the ranged variant; Fire or Cold perform best.