This is a multi Config Nyx Build able to specialize her CC abilities to suit your needs. The strongest asset Nyx has is the ability to change the functionality of her abilities to bring top end CC to any mission. Nyx is a very rewarding CC frame but also unforgiving. You must learn her abilities well and understand how enemies react to them. If you play her correctly you can finish missions without having ever fired a single shot.

I would highly recommend investing in Nyx Prime and her Arcane Vespa Helmet if you're serious about making the most of this frame.

To start this build off you will need Vazarin Polx1, Naramon Polx1 then Vazarin Pol or Naramon Pol, either works for all variants supplied here.

Recommended Mods for Build

Required for Build

Required for Variants


Overextended Constitution Rush
Primed Continuity Cunning Drift Handspring
Primed Flow Pacifying Bolts Natural Talent
Stretch Chaos Sphere Quick Thinking
Transient Fortitude Vitality

Build and Variants

  • Quad CC Nuetral Duration Setup:

I find this to be an ideal general setup for Nyx. It works for all mission types on the go or waiting for mission timers. With the added benefit of having an additional hard CC via Pacifying Bolts for touch up control during a Chaos.

  • Stun Specialized Negative Duration Setup:

This is a special Nyx formula ideal for Interception missions. She specializes in the 2 second Stun portion of her Chaos ability. Since Chaos cannot affect the same enemies till it's duration ends a 13% duration will allow you to recast Chaos every 3 seconds, which can completely lock down enemies and prevent captures.

  • Chaos Sphere High Duration Setup:

Higher duration build is more forgiving; long as you use her Chaos Sphere. Otherwise a higher duration can cause problems. Higher duration also allows you to make better use of Mind Control. Ideal for Survival / Defense Missions. If you do not have Arcane Vespa you may want to swap Redirection for Streamline or use Zenurik Focus.

  • Total Control Setup:

This is a full CC specialized Nyx using both Chaos Sphere and Pacifying Bolts. This is a very unforgiving setup that I would only recommend for lvl 130+ content where her available total eHP doesn't amount to very much and control over a situation becomes critical.

  • High Duration QT Setup:

This is mosty to show the versatility available to this build as you can go for a higher eHP setup using Quick Thinking or pick any number of the three. Your choice in passive mitigation is fully customize-able which can influence your choice in Focus Trees.

I would like to mention that I Forma my Exilus slot in these picks. You do not need to do so, I'm simply a Rush fanatic and at the time Drift Mods were not a thing. You may choose to forma one of her main slots with the remaining Vazarin Pol or Naramon Pol polarity choice and it will not impact any variation supplied. Of course Corrosive Projection is always recommended for high lvl Grineer and Void Missions.

Ideal Ability Uses / Tips & Tricks

  • Mind Control
Like most of Nyx's abilities this is a multi purpose ability. First and simplest use is a Panic button.  If you have a single dangerous target in front of you or the same target about to smash an objective or ally one press will momentary remove the problem. You may also choose to use this to keep a Warden off your back while you hack a console in Rescue or similar missions. There are quite a few enemies which can supply you or your team with support. Ancient Healers, Certain Eximus, Shield Osprey ect. These added "pets" can mitigate damage and work as a good distraction as an alternate target other than yourself. Holding a Mind Controlled target in Defense missions will prolong the wave from ending, this can be used to allow the Defense Objective time to regenerate health.
  • Psychic Bolts
Even without her Pacifying Bolts augment Psychic bolts has a few uses. Most obvious would be as touch up CC, which it's augmented counterpart is also used for to greater potency. The ability has max target range, superior to Chaos ( without Cunning Drift ) and with a keen eye can be used as preemptive CC on new targets procing Radiation status, making it easier to keep a single rotation with your Chaos. Although this ability does not require you to aim, it does tend to prioritize enemies closest to you targeting reticle when cast.
  • Chaos
Variation in duration as well as the choice of using her Chaos Sphere augment makes a rather large difference in how you play along side Chaos. This ability can be quirky and requires a little practice to understand what is required to lock down a room effectively. It does have slight use as a Panic Button but ONLY when first cast. The most important thing to understand about Chaos is your location and visibility in relation to enemies. If you are farther from an enemy than a target affected by Chaos it is very unlikely you will be attacked. The advantage of cover will decrease the chances even more. I would also advise caution using Chaos in Radiation Sorties.
  • Absorb
Many newer Nyx players loved this ability for it's damage output but even though it's been nerfed back down to size Absorb is and has always been one of the best Panic Buttons in the game. Did you just open a door with 5 Heavies behind it? Absorb, release. Control and continue. Three Bombard Rockets incoming and Roll Dodge not a safe action? Absorb them right up. Even if you're simply taking too much damage; Absorb will save you. Another good trick to Absorb at higher level is in Conjunction with Mind Control. Wait until your Mind Control duration has a few seconds left. Stand close to your pet, Absorb, let the duration expire, release knocking them prone and reapply Mind Control with no chance of retaliation by your pet. You may also want to shield fellow Tenno as they try to revive a fallen ally.

Quick Thinking Vs. Vitality Vs. Redirection

While this is not a very critical topic for Nyx as her eHP can never reach super high values like other frames. I still thought it worth while to showcase the differences in your mitigation choices as well as Focus Tree choices.

Mod Vitality + Redirection QT + Vitality QT + Redirection QT Solo
eHP 1,765 2,879 3,004 2,397
Focus Any Any Zenurik Zenurik

Aside from the Negative Duration Setup, Nyx is pretty open to any Focus Tree choices. By design she's not very energy intensive but which Passive mitigation type you choose will have an impact on your choice. Though it's not an all defining moment, some trees like Zenurik are designed to work very well with Quick Thinking, while a Vitality + Redirection setup has little need and could be better off using Madurai which gives Crit based weapons +25% damage per shot or attack, translating to an even larger proportional increase in your DPS.

A few things to consider beyond the basic eHP numbers: Some enemies can one-shot your shields, "Cryogenic Leak" Mission status can also severely reduce you shield capacity while Guardian can fully restore shields every 30s. Vitality gives the least eHP but it tends to be the most reliable and a larger HP pool gives you room for Life Strike, Syndicate procs or using Health Restores. Quick Thinking is subject to energy drain by some Eximus, Ancient Disruptors as well as Magnetic status. Some enemies like Rampart can rip through your energy while keeping you in a deadly stagger-lock. Energy Orbs will restore +60 eHP, Zenurik - Energy Overflow will restore +9.6 eHP/s though casting Chaos will cost you 45 eHP at 75% Power Efficiency.

In the end there's really not a "perfect" choice.


Game Play

Quad CC Neutral Duration: I find this setup to be ideal for general use. It's not the most forgiving variant of Nyx but it makes up for this by having four active control abilities over any given situation. Not using Chaos Sphere makes it important to try and keep one rotation of Chaos to keep track of, as guessing two rotations or spamming can cause gaps in your CC which can be deadly. Pacifying Bolts is incredibly helpful to keep newly spawned enemies in check while you wait for Chaos to end, only to cast again, adding the new targets into your Chaos CC rotation. Pacifying Bolts also gives you the option of simply killing the target(s) unlike Mind Control. Recasting Chaos before the timer ends should be a last resort situation with this setup, unless you're positive the remaining enemies are of no danger to you. This build is not energy intensive, even without Vespa.

Stun Specialized Negative Duration: A more specialized version of her older 40% duration setup. So far the best value of this variant is for Interception Missions, though it could have other uses. When starting a mission solo or grouped you'll need to use one Energy Restore. Adding a Syndicate weapon which procs energy can also be helpful. I would highly recommend using Zenurik - Energy Overflow with this setup, though it's not required. Once Energy Overflow is active however, you will not have any problems maintaining energy. For solo or group play your best roll is to simply cast Chaos every 3.25 seconds. Try and time your recast when your previous cast is around the 0.4s duration mark. Solo you may be best off hiding somewhere and maintaining your CC, in a group you can shoot enemies within your small window or simply do your part assuring that enemies can't possibly cap a point due to being stunned for 2 seconds every 3 seconds. Interception is not really a kills per minute type mission so I think it's acceptable to not kill enemies if you desire.

Chaos Sphere High Duration: This setup allow for less user overhead in managing your ability timers. Normally a higher duration can cause problems with Chaos as new enemies spawn or run into the room Chaos Sphere alleviates this problem while adding a visual representation of your Chaos timer. So more time killing, less time counting. This setup is ideal for Defense or Survival Missions where enemies die rapidly and you do not often leave a set room. Higher Duration also allows you to make better use of her "pets" and keeps fairly good energy efficiency even without Streamline. There's nothing wrong with casting Chaos early or even spamming, it's very forgiving in terms of using her Chaos.

Total Control: The least forgiving variant, this setup forgoes all eHP and passive mitigation in exchange for the most active control options. This is ideal for very high level play when you would often die in one hit regardless and control of the situation becomes absolute. You have the benefit of both Quad CC + High Duration and can make use to the benefits of both.


In the end the best Nyx build is going to be the one that works for you. While Nyx's abilities can vary in use; her overall "feel" can vary even more simply by changing a mod or two. Feel free to try different things and thanks for the read.