Valkyr is an assault/berserker Warframe with great offensive skills while excelling at mobility along with a decent sprint speed.  Having the highest Armor value among the Warframes so far, Valkyr is considered to be a passive tank similar to Saryn while being less prone to health damage. This makes Valkyr very durable and hard to kill. However, Valkyr also has the second lowest shields of any Warframe currently in the game, right after both Nidus, and Inaros, who have none. Thus Redirection is of questionable value. It can be used to increase survivability, but the mod slot and points can be used for something arguably more useful since the shield bonus of Redirection is calculated through base shields, it is more useful on Warframes with high base shields.

Valkyr is also very good in boss fights provided she has enough energy to continuously keep Hysteria going. Her high damage strikes and invulnerability makes burning a boss's health and/or shields very easy. However, players should be wary of the energy left for Hysteria as chances are, if Valkyr is meleeing the boss, they will be focused on her as will any other enemies nearby. If she is in the middle of the fray when Hysteria deactivates, she can die very quickly as not even Valkyr can withstand high levels of firepower for very long. This may be negated by collecting enough energy to keep Hysteria going as it's a continuous energy drain ability. In terms of building Valkyr around her 4th ability, she is best played with maxed out efficiency and above 130% duration, in order to keep up Hysteria and Warcry. While the Eternal War augment is not necessarily a must it is highly recommended to use. While in this mode, you can replenish health fast by knocking down enemies with your ground strike and then restore 5% health with every finishing strike, which makes Life Strike obsolete on the melee weapon she uses to enhance Hysteria.

With Vigor, Vitality, and Steel Fiber equipped and maxed, an effective health of 4472 is possible, the second highest possible (behind Inaros) for any Warframe without using damage reduction abilities. With a maximized power strength mod setup and Warcry in effect, Valkyr's armor value increases by an additional 114.5% of its base amount, which stacks additively with Steel Fiber, achieving a maximum armor of 1947, the highest possible for any Warframe under any circumstances. This overall increases her effective health to a value of 6441. Furthermore, at this armor value, each Physique aura increases her effective health by an additional 134.82, which sums up to a total of 6980.28 maximum possible effective health if all four players use this aura.

Note: Maximum armor without team assistance is currently outdated. (As of update 22.0.8) Does not account for Armored Agility; Transient Fortitude; Gladiator Aegis; ArcaneGuardian64x Arcane Guardian; or Steel Meridian's Justice effect.

Note: Maximum armor with team assistance is currently outdated. (As of update 17.2.2) Does not account for Equinox`s Pacify & Provoke direct boost to Power Strength when using Provoke. Does not account for a Max-Strength Cold-type Chroma`s Elemental Ward*. Does not account for a Max-Strength Heat-type Chroma`s Elemental Ward**. *The boost from a max-strength Cold-type Chroma`s Elemental Ward alone is +426% armor. **The health boost from a max-strength Heat-type Chroma`s Elemental Ward is +568%.


  • When using Ripline on a sloped part of ground you will first be pulled slowly forwards and then shot in a (nearly) 90° line up in the air.
  • Continuous use of Ripline, in a short period of time, on Mercury (survival mode) may cause Valkyr to be pulled out of the map.
  • While using Hysteria and having high attack speed, for example with mods or Warcry, Valkyr sometimes glitches. This makes the attack animation look incomplete and awkward. She is still able to attack, but it will result in a big loss of DpS, due to a lower attack speed.
  • If you fall out of the map while using Hysteria, it may bug the skill for the whole mission. It can be activated with no loss of DPS or attack speed, but you'll not be invulnerable anymore.