Vandal weapons are a special variant of existing weapons only given out as rewards from various limited-time offers, Events, and Invasions. Vandal weapons feature a metallic teal and dark-green paint scheme with Lotus symbols, and have improved stats over the original weapons. While any weapon is eligible for Vandal treatment, currently known Vandal weapons are derived from Corpus and Tenno designs.

Vandal WeaponsEdit

Weapon Name Reward From
Braton Vandal
  • Open Beta Weekend Limited-Edition Market Item
Lato Vandal
  • Closed Beta Test Participation
Snipetron Vandal
Prova Vandal
Imperator Vandal
Quanta Vandal
Dera Vandal
Supra Vandal


  • The color schemes on Vandal weapons apart from the Supra Vandal are fixed and cannot be changed via the Arsenal's Appearance tab, with the exception of the weapon's energy color.
    • Vandal weapons whose original versions have skins available to them can change their colors by equipping said skins.
      • As of update 22, the default skins of all Vandal and Wraith weapons can be fully colored.

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