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Weapon Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Revolver
Trigger Type Semi-Auto
Projectile Speed Hit-Scan
Firing Rate 5.0 rounds/sec
Accuracy 16.0
Magazine Size 6 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 210 rounds
Reload Time 1.0s
Normal Attacks
Crit Chance 15.0%
Crit Damage 150.0%

CODEX Entry: VastoCodexbw
Steady and reliable, the Vasto revolver combines speed and power for a classic gunslinger feel.

The Vasto is a powerful and effective sidearm that strikes a balance between the Lato and the Lex. Whilst it has less base damage than the Lex, it is exceedingly accurate, and features a rate of fire on par with the Lato. It also has a high crit rate.

High materials cost, low ammo capacity, and moderate recoil stand out as its major weak points.

This weapon can be sold for Credits 32px ‍5,000.

Manufacturing Requirements
Credits 32px
Ferrite 32px
Polymer Bundle 32px
Time: 12 hr
Rush: Platinumicon 25
Market Price: Platinumicon 190 Blueprint Price: Credits 32px 30,000


This weapon deals mostly Slash damage.


  • High Physical damage.
    • Mostly Slash damage.
  • Fast firerate.
  • Very accurate.
  • Very fast reload speed.
  • One V polarity slot.
  • Higher chance to stagger than other weapons.
  • Fastest reload speed among non-thrown secondary weapons, tied with Bronco.
  • High Critical chance.


  • Small clip size.
  • Moderate recoil.
  • Requires four Neurodes to build.
  • Deals low Impact and Puncture damage, reduced effectiveness against shields or armor.

Weapon Loadouts

Main article: Category:Vasto Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Due to the semi-auto nature of the Vasto, for longer ranged targets fire more slowly, as the recoil will fire bullets higher the faster you pull the trigger.
  • When focusing on a build based on speed (Fire rate and reload speed) you can run out of ammo quickly. On defense this isn't much of a problem as pistol ammo pickups are more clustered and easier to replenish your ammo, but for other missions consider taking a pistol ammo box along just in case.
  • Consider using a mod slot to fit a high-level Pistol Gambit; this can bring the crit chance up to around 30%. Combined with the weapon's high rate of fire, it can easily tear through tougher opponents.
  • The recoil can be decreased by the Steady Hands mod, making this a more viable long-range weapon.


  • The Vasto was added in Update 9.3
  • Although shown as being mostly silver colored, the pistol's default color is actually black.


  • Vasto is a Latin verb, meaning "I destroy / I lay waste / I ravage."
  • The Vasto's cylinder revolves with every shot and upon reload, making it the fourth weapon with a non-static model.
  • The Vasto appears to be a double-action revolver of intermediate caliber, rather than a high caliber single action akin to those used in the 19th century West, like the Colt Single Action Army. The handle/grip is flush with the rest of the weapon, leaving no exposed hammer to manually cock. However, there appears to be a rocker on the rear of the Vasto that could be a hammer lever.
  • As of Damage 2.0, the Vasto has a permitted ability to slice enemies in pieces like a melee weapon due to the majority of Slash damage. An odd feature for a pistol.


  • Vasto
  • Vasto in-game
  • Decent All-Purpose Build without Forma

See also

  • Akvasto, the akimbo version of this gun.
  • Magnus, a similar revolver.

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