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The highly tactical Vauban uses his powers to create deadly traps that can zap, imprison and dimensionally crush enemies.

This is Vauban, focused and methodical.

Vauban willingly sacrificed his own safety in the name of mayhem. Use him wisely, Tenno.

Release Date: May 17th, 2013

Vauban is an engineer-themed Warframe. Utilizing potent trapping modules to manipulate the battlefield to the Tenno's favor, Vauban is a versatile Warframe suitable for methodical tacticians. Vauban deployed in Update 7.11.

Component blueprints are obtained exclusively as alert mission completion rewards.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 50
Market Price: Platinum64 300 Blueprint Price: Credits64 35,000
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25

Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25

Warframe Guides

See Category:Vauban Guides to read user-made guides on how to play this Warframe.


  • Vauban was named after the French military engineer, Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban.
  • Being named after a French engineer, this may explain why the Gambit Vauban Helmet looks similar to a beret.
  • Bastille, Vauban's third ability, means: prison, fort, or fortification. This is aptly named as the ability entraps its targets in an immobile state.
  • Vauban was constructed first under the name Trapper. (datamined, /Lotus/StoreItems/Powersuits/Trapper)
  • Vauban used to be called "Trollban" by the community due to Vortex affecting players as well for a short time after his release, as well as the potential of trolling with Bounce.
    • Vauban was later on, and more commonly called, "Booben" by Warframe staff and player base. During the loading screen on the Warframe Nexus app, there is a reference to Booben that will show up on occasion.

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Transform the battlefield into a weapon with this gilded tactician. Features unique mod polarities for extended customization

"Lust was my sin. But greed is the blight that weakens our steel. These industrialists have gorged on the harvest of our long war. Their mind drones; Their mechanizations, toil in foundries remote. For what purpose? We must set watch upon them. Baiting our snares with the worms of profit.

Those kneeling at the altar of commerce will be returned.. to the Void.

For your consideration... Vauban."

Release Date: May 17th, 2016

Vauban Prime is the Primed variant of Vauban, possessing higher shields and armor values, as well as an additional Vazarin Pol polarity.

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 72 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 50
Market Price: N/A Blueprint Price: N/A
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 25
Drop Locations

Blueprint Neo V2 Rare
Lith F2 Rare (V)
Neuroptics Neo V5 Rare
Meso N2 Rare (V)
Neo V3 Rare (V)
Chassis Neo V6 Rare
Lith V4 Rare (V)
Meso V4 Rare (V)
Axi V1 Rare (V)
Systems Lith V2 Rare
Neo N2 Rare (V)

Blueprint Neo V2 Rare
Lith F2 Rare (V)
Neuroptics Neo V5 Rare
Meso N2 Rare (V)
Neo V3 Rare (V)
Chassis Neo V6 Rare
Lith V4 Rare (V)
Meso V4 Rare (V)
Axi V1 Rare (V)
Systems Lith V2 Rare
Neo N2 Rare (V)

Blueprint Neo V2 Rare
Lith F2 Rare (V)
Neuroptics Neo V5 Rare
Meso N2 Rare (V)
Neo V3 Rare (V)
Chassis Neo V6 Rare
Lith V4 Rare (V)
Meso V4 Rare (V)
Axi V1 Rare (V)
Systems Lith V2 Rare
Neo N2 Rare (V)

Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi refer to Void Relics
(V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics


  • As a prime Warframe, Vauban Prime possesses a special passive ability where contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb will make them release an energy pulse that grants 250 Energy to all nearby allies. This effect can only occur once per Death Orb, and can occur even if the Death Orb has been previously destroyed.
  • Vauban Prime's Bastille has a swirling void energy compared to the normal version.
  • Assuming the player completes all four daily Nitain Extract Alerts, the minimum time required to collect the necessary extracts is 5 days.
    • Although Reactor Sabotage has a chance to reward Nitain Extracts (and thus, cut down on time), it should not be wholly relied on due to the low chance of Nitain being rewarded.
  • Vauban Prime requires the most Alloy Plates of any Warframe, tied for the most Cryotic of any Warframe, and the most Oxium, Nitain Extracts and Rubedo used to build any item.


  • Vauban Prime is the second prime Warframe introduced via a cinematic lore video, the first being Saryn Prime.
  • Vauban Prime's release in Update 18.12 occurred exactly 3 years after the original Vauban's release in Update 7.11, both falling on May 17th.
  • Vauban Prime has an inscription on each leg that says "Evolution" in the Tenno Language.


  • During the Prime Access Trailer

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An engineer by trade, Vauban gains 25% bonus Armor for every warframe within 20 meters of him.


Tesla VaubanZap
Launches a grenade that holds an electrical charge, zapping enemies that come within range.
Strength:80 / 100 / 120 / 150 (arc damage)
15 (contact damage)
Duration:5 / 6 / 7 / 10 (charges)
Range:7 / 8 / 10 / 12 m
Misc:40 s (duration)

  • Vauban releases an electrically-charged grenade that adheres to any surface. On contact with an enemy, the grenade will deal 15 Blast b Blast damage. If an enemy approaches the grenade within 7 / 8 / 10 / 12 meters, the grenade will discharge. A single grenade holds a maximum of 5 / 6 / 7 / 10 charges, and each charge inflicts 80 / 100 / 120 / 150 Electricity b Electricity damage. Charges are fired once every 3 seconds. Each grenade has a duration of 40 seconds; when a grenade uses a charge, its duration is paused for 0.75 seconds.
    • Arc damage and contact damage are affected by Ability Strength, and the contact damage can be increased by body-part multipliers.
    • The arc damage has a low status chance. An Electricity proc will chain 50% of the initial damage to surrounding enemies in a small area of effect while briefly stunning the initial target.
    • For more information about the contact damage, see this blog and this follow-up.
    • Each grenade can deal a total of 400 / 600 / 840 / 1500 damage. Sticking a grenade directly on an enemy can potentially deal that entire amount to the enemy for its duration.
    • Number of charges is affected by Ability Duration, while the grenade duration is not.
      • Because of this, the maximum number of usable charges is capped at 18.
    • A grenade can only target one enemy at a time, expending a single charge per attack.
    • Attack range is affected by Ability Range.
    • Grenades can only attack enemies in line of sight (cannot shoot through walls or corners).
  • Does not attack the Stalker.
  • Can be used while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading.
  • Can be cast multiple times while active.
  • Bug: Tesla will deal 150 damage per shock for clients regardless of mods. Higher or lower Ability Strength does not affect damage at all.
    • The same goes for links dealt by Tesla Link, damage is at base for clients regardless of mods.

Main article: Tesla Link

Tesla Link is a Warframe Augment Mod for Vauban that makes each pair of Tesla balls form energy links between each other that deal Slash b Slash damage upon contact.

Rank Damage Cost
0 100 6
1 150 7
2 200 8
3 250 9

  • Place on allies such as hostages, fellow Warframes, or even sentinels to create a sort of melee protection sphere. Best used on Rhino/Excalibur Warframe with their Rhino Charge/Slash Dash ability.
  • Placing several Tesla in exactly the same spot will result in the charges being released at nearly the same time, and placing them in a line will result in each firing one at a time as an enemy approaches, dealing more constant damage.
  • Placing several Tesla on a rotating body allows the Teslas to possibly "orbit" into range of an enemy, and giving them all a chance to fire at said enemy. This effectively increases the range and increases the Tesla group's overall rate of fire.
  • Works best against Corpus and less effective against other factions, while still acting as a moderate damage tool.
    • Electrical damage deals normal damage to shields, and only deals extra damage to unshielded MOAs, so it is realistically best for Infested.
    • Grineer armor will reduce the damage dealt considerably.

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • Maximized Ability Duration increases number of charges to 30 theoretically, which caps at up to 18 practically due to the grenade duration.
    • Reduces range to 4.08 meters.
  • Maximized Ability Efficiency reduces cost to 6.25 energy.
    • Reduces number of charges to 4
  • Maximized Ability Range increases range to 33.6 meters.
    • Reduces arc damage to 60 per charge and contact damage to 6.
  • Maximized Ability Strength increases arc damage to 559.5 per charge and contact damage to 55.95.
    • Without Energy Conversion, increases arc damage to 484.5 per charge and contact damage to 48.45.
    • Increases cost to 38.75 energy.
    • Reduces number of charges to 7

BounceModU15 VaubanBounce
Cycle through four deployable trap mines: Bounce, Trip Laser, Shred and Concuss.

75 / 100 / 125 / 175 (damage)


200 / 400 (damage)
30 / 40% (armor reduction)




20 / 25 / 30 s

4 s (armor debuff duration)

8 s (deafen duration)




4 / 6 m (explosion radius)

6 m (explosion radius)


300 s (mine duration)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (number of bounces)

10 m (laser length)

300 s (mine duration)

300 s (mine duration)

  • Vauban throws one of his variety of specialized grenades that deploys into a landmine depending on the selected type. Minelayer cycles between landmine types upon tapping the ability key (default 2 ), while holding down the key and releasing throws the selected landmine. Up to four different landmine types are unlocked as the ability increases in rank, listed below:

  • Unlocked by default. (Warframe Rank 3)
  • Upon contact with a surface or entity, the Bounce grenade deploys into a launch pad that adheres to any surface for five minutes. On contact with an enemy, the pad will deal 15 Blast b Blast damage. Allies and enemies that step onto the pad will be launched, and affected enemies will be knocked down and dealt 75 / 100 / 125 / 175 Impact b Impact damage with a 100% Magnetic b Magnetic status chance. A single launch pad has a maximum of 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 uses and a cooldown period of 3 seconds between each use.
    • Repulse damage and contact damage are affected by Ability Strength, and the contact damage is increased by body-part multipliers.
    • Duration is not affected by Ability Duration.
    • A Magnetic b Magnetic proc reduces the target's shields by 75% over 4 seconds.
    • If an enemy is killed by the repulse damage, the action will not count against Bounce's maximum number of uses.
    • For more information about the contact damage, see this blog and this follow-up.
    • The pad launches the unit perpendicular to the face of the attached surface (e.g., being attached to a ceiling will launch the user downward).
    • When placed on a level floor, the pad launches the unit approximately four times as high as a normal jump.
  • Bounce pad visually emits rings of energy pulsing upward when not in use.

  • Unlocked at Rank 1. (Warframe Rank 12)
  • Upon contact with a surface or entity, the Trip Laser grenade falls to the ground then deploys into a 10 meters long laser trip wire that lasts for 20 / 25 / 30 seconds. Enemies moving through the trip wire are either stunned if at walking pace, or knocked down if at running speed.
  • Enemies can be affected by the same trip wire multiple times as long as they move out from the wire and through it again.
  • Trip Laser trap deploys perpendicular to Vauban's position on cast.
  • Trip Laser trap visually hovers above ground with the ends of the lasers glowing brightly. The ends of the lasers will attempt to adhere to surfaces in their path.

  • Unlocked at Rank 2. (Warframe Rank 22)
  • Upon contact with a surface or entity, the Shred grenade falls to the ground then deploys into an armed explosive landmine that lasts for five minutes. When an enemy is in close proximity, the landmine explodes, dealing 200 / 400 Blast b Blast damage to all enemies in a 4 / 6 meter radius. Affected enemies are blown away in a ragdoll state and have their armor reduced by 30% / 40% for 4 seconds.
  • Shred landmine visually emits a smoke effect.

  • Unlocked at Rank 3. (Warframe Rank 27)
  • Upon contact with a surface or entity, the Concuss grenade falls to the ground then deploys into an armed concussive landmine that lasts for five minutes. When an enemy is in close proximity, the landmine detonates, stunning all enemies in a 6 meter radius. Affected enemies become deafened to all gunfire noise for 8 seconds and suffer a Radiation b Radiation proc.
  • Concuss landmine visually emits a swirling energy effect with an audible humming sound.

  • Can be used while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading.
  • Can be cast multiple times while active.

  • Can be used to throw enemies to 'dead zone' of the level (effect unpredictable).
  • Can be stuck to enemies, but can act unpredictably and leave the bounce effect in mid-air or invisibly stuck to enemies.
  • Placing a bounce pad on top of a tall object that Warframes can wall-run or climb onto will launch the player much higher than a normal bounce, easily reaching near ceiling height in tiles with high ceilings.
  • Although Minelayer's Trip Laser seems useful against the Infested, if an Ancient Healer is nearby the only enemy that will be knocked down will be the healer. This makes the tripwire only really useful for Infested when combined with his Concuss grenade, to proc Radiation b Radiation on nearby Healers and disable their links to other Infested.
  • Minelayer's Concuss grenade is best used around objectives or doorways as enemies who get near it will be stunned then fight other enemies for a while.

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • Currently, using Bounce on Orokin defense artifacts (the dual cryopod) will cause the artifact to spin upon Bounce's activation. This can even cause the artifact to invisibly move from its central location and create an invisible wall not too far from where the artifact appears to be.

BastilleModU15 VaubanLevTrap
Creates an energy-based containment field in which captives are held suspended in stasis.
Strength:6 / 8 / 10 / 12 (affected enemies)
15 (contact damage)
Duration:8 / 10 / 12 / 15 s
Range:5 / 7 / 8 / 10 m

  • Vauban releases a device that creates a containment field. This lasts 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 seconds, has a radius of 5 / 7 / 8 / 10 meters, and affects 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 enemies. On contact with an enemy, the device will deal 15 Blast b Blast damage. Enemies within the field are suspended and incapacitated - including those outside that subsequently enter the field.
    • Number of affected enemies and contact damage are affected by Ability Strength, and the contact damage can be increased by body-part multipliers.
    • For more information about the contact damage, see this blog and this follow-up.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Field radius is affected by Ability Range.
    • The device will deploy on the first surface it makes contact with and will hover approximately one meter perpendicular to the surface. Regardless of the orientation of the surface, the containment field will always project horizontally.
    • Enemies held up by Bastille before actual encounters will assume a state of unawareness. These enemies will be susceptible to Stealth Damage Multipliers from melee attacks over the ability's duration.
  • Will not hold most Bosses and Capture targets suspended in the air. Instead, Bastille slows the targets down until their crowd control diminishing return mechanic reduces the ability's effectiveness on them.
  • Can be used while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading.
  • Can be cast multiple times while active.

Main article: Repelling Bastille

Repelling Bastille is a Warframe Augment Mod for Vauban's Bastille that repels new enemies when it reaches the maximum amount of enemies it can contain.

Rank Repel Chance Cost
0 50% 6
1 65% 7
2 80% 8
3 100% 9

  • When used in narrow hallways or choke-points, enemies that are held up in the field block the path of others behind, negating the enemy limit and blocking all the enemies from advancing.
  • Bastille spawns from a ball that Vauban throws in an arc, so it can be deployed where aimed.

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

VortexModU15 VaubanVortex
Creates a whirling mass of energy that violently attracts nearby enemies, crushing their atoms into a tiny spec of matter.
Strength:50 (damage)
2x (initial damage multiplier)
15 (contact damage)
Duration:6 / 8 / 10 / 12 s
Range:6 m

  • Vauban releases a device that creates a powerful attractive force, lasting 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 seconds. On touching an enemy, the device will deal 15 Blast b Blast damage. Every enemy within 6 meters of the device will be violently drawn to it and dealt 50 Magnetic b Magnetic damage per second (across 4 damage ticks per second). When the device activates, the initial damage tick is multiplied by 200%.
    • Initial damage multiplier and contact damage are affected by Ability Strength, and the contact damage can be increased by body-part multipliers.
    • Each tick of damage has a moderate status chance. Enemies affected by the status effect will have their shields reduced by 75% for 4 seconds.
    • Enemies are ragdolled as they're pulled in, and the damage decreases with distance.
    • Some enemies will simply be knocked down repeatedly, as they will get up while in vortex only to be knocked down again. In rare cases, enemies can use abilities or fire their weapon in the brief moment they are getting up.
    • Ability Strength may affect the value of each damage tick. However, the rate at which ticks occur will adjust accordingly in order to maintain Vortex's damage per second.
    • Vortex will not take priority over Bastille; Enemies currently held up in Bastille's field will be pulled towards the vortex, but will not leave Bastille or be ragdolled.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Attraction radius is affected by Ability Range.
    • The relationship between attraction radius and Ability Range is nonlinear.
    • Vortex uses the following expression when accounting for Ability Range: Modified Range = Base Range × Ability Range 0.5
    • The device will deploy on the first surface it makes contact with and will hover approximately one meter perpendicular to the surface.
  • Vortex will not affect most Bosses.
  • Corpses will be attracted, leaving only the loot that was drawn into the nexus.
  • Enemies that remain within Vortex's nexus for an extended period of time may implode, yielding no loot or affinity.
  • Can be used while performing many actions without interrupting them, including reloading.
  • Can be cast multiple times while active.

Main article: Perpetual Vortex

Perpetual Vortex is a Warframe Augment Mod for Vauban's Vortex that increases its duration for every additional Vortex thrown into it.

Rank Added Duration Cost
0 50% 7
1 55% 7
2 60% 8
3 70% 9

  • Can be used to collect resource and ammo drops to where the Vortex is placed.
  • Vortex appears from a ball that Vauban throws. You can aim at where he throws it at.
  • Many enemies sucked into the center of the Vortex are considered to be in a prone position if attacked in melee, resulting in a ground finisher. Multiple enemies can be hit or killed by a single ground finisher to the center of the Vortex.
  • Due to enemies often being very close to each other, Electric procs are very effective, as they will create large chains of damage. In some cases, Teslas can be thrown down to allow procs that kill enemies quicker than either power on it's own.

Maximization is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

  • Initial activation will tug players for a fraction of a second, and players near vortex's AoE will have a decrease in slide attack boost speed.
  • Sometimes pulls players in for the full duration.
  • Jump kicking into Vortex will cause the player to rise exponentially.
  • If cast near downed allies can interfere with the bleedout timer. Trying to revive them can interrupt the revival and freeze the timer/percentage leaving the downed player stuck at 0% but no timer. Trying to revive the player while Vortex is active will simply keep interrupting the animation.

Strength Mods


Duration Mods


Range Mods


VaubanZap VaubanZap VaubanZap
VaubanBounce VaubanBounce VaubanBounce
VaubanLevTrap VaubanLevTrap VaubanLevTrap
VaubanVortex VaubanVortex VaubanVortex

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Notes for all Abilities

  • Grenades are thrown in an arc pattern and are affected by gravity.
  • Can be attached to any surface, to level itself (walls/floors/ceilings), props (crates, ships, doors), Sentinels, teammates, Hostages and even enemies. Will not stick to the Vauban deploying the grenade.
  • No known limit to the number that can be deployed at once.
  • The ragdolling effect of Bounce can be combined with shotguns in mid-air to send ragdolled victims flying in a more controlled direction, such as towards a bottomless pit, as well as dealing significant damage. Works quite effectively on Grineer Asteroid maps due to the abundance of pits on most tiles.


  • Deals electricity damage and will sometimes stun Corpus and Medium Grineer.
    • Tip: Throw on The Sergeant to keep him stunned even when he goes invisible.
  • Will shoot cameras for stealth kills.
  • Can be thrown through laser doors.
  • Affected by Mag's Magnetize.
  • Can be stuck on Frost's Snow Globe.
  • Can be stuck on the outside of an Arctic Eximus' Snow Globe, allowing it to zap the enemies within. The Tesla will stay motionless in the air after the Snow Globe dissipates.
  • Using duration mods does not increase the duration, but has an effect on how many times it can zaps.
  • More than one placed in exactly the same spot can produce a much stronger shock (by multiplying shocks, not producing a single shock), but for better results, place each orb in a line pattern, so each orb fires by itself, increasing the amount of shocks delivered to the enemy as it moves along the path.
  • The point where you activate the power and the point where the ball appears is dependent on your connection to the host (if you are host there is no delay) and lag will cause the balls to appear moments or seconds after you use Tesla.
  • Can be thrown oddly if close to the enemy or teammate your are trying to stick Tesla on, as it will often launch past the person on either side even though your reticle is centered on them. Zooming in and placing Tesla that way can help, as well as moving back a little. 
  • Tesla can be stuck on your Sentinel if you crouch and move your view so your sentinel is in your crosshairs. Dethcube and Wyrm are easier to stick than Shade as Shade has a smaller form. You can essentially stick all of your Tesla onto your Sentinel and walk through crowds of enemies dealing heavy damage, even to non-Corpus enemies. Note that it can be very distracting visually, and having bloom turned on could prevent you from seeing anything.
  • The range of Tesla is about the same as Carrier's Striker precept, creating a powerful synergy as the Sentinel tends to fire its first shot at the same time as the orbs.
  • The Tesla orbs can also be stuck on your teammates, giving fast Warframes like AshNova or Loki  the ability to quickly wipe out rooms of enemies without making any sound.


  • Launches an orb similar to Tesla, slightly larger and also affected by gravity. After a second of landing on the surface it will produce an energy wave around the orb until it has been used up.
  • Other players will often use your Bounce, whether or not they need to, so keep that in mind when using the 50 energy to have one placed.
  • If placed on a teammate or enemy, bounce can behave abnormally. The field effect will show in the area where it contacted the player or enemy (stationary, will now show on the enemy or player) and enemies and other teammates can be reflected from the player if they come in contact with them. 
  • While active, Bounce produces a distinct humming sound effect when ready to be used.
  • Bounce can stick to Frost's Snow Globe as well as Nyx`s absorb sphere. When the Snow Globe is destroyed or absorb deactivated the bounce pads will remain suspended in their original position.


  • A rank 2 or higher Bastille can make Infested Defense a very simple task as long as it's used around the pod. Consider Streamline, Continuity, Constitution, and Energy Siphon mods to keep it up near permanently.
  • Similarly, for Corpus or Grineer defense, use Bastille tactically alongside a Frost's Snow Globe - the snow globe will block all long range incoming fire and you can use Bastille if the globe gets swarmed at close range. However, it should be noted that a Snow Globe casted after Bastille can counter Bastille's effects, with some enemies lifting, falling and running, then lifting again inside the area of effect. (needs confirmation if this bug happens when a snow globe is cast before Bastille is in effect)
  • Like Vauban's other powers, will launch a small metallic orb, affected by gravity, and when the orb hits an object(it also activates when hits a teammate or enemy), the holographic barrier will appear and enemies will lift up in the air suspended, until the effect ends, in which case the enemies will fall to the ground, stunned for a brief moment.
  • Note: you cannot throw Bastille into Frost's Snow Globe, the ball will simply hit the globe and bounce back slightly, activating when landing on the ground or when getting stuck on top of the globe. If you must use Bastille inside a Snow Globe, the size of your Bastille is small for example and you need it to be centered, travel inside the globe and place it inside instead.


  • Launches a small orb that is effected by gravity and activates when landing on something, including enemies or teammates.
  • Using the Ogris, Torid or other explosive weapon in conjunction with Vortex is one of the most effective ways at eliminated enemies trapped inside, as the explosion of the Ogris and the stackable DoT of the Torid can deliver massive damage over a short time to more enemies at once.
  • Effective at gathering up a large group of enemies (such as Infested defense missions) and clearing out medium-low level enemies. Tougher enemies (such as Ancients or Grineer heavy units) will usually survive vortex unless they are low leveled (below level 15). Duration mods and Intensify can increase the damage dealt to enemies, making it more effective for medium leveled enemies. 
  • Bastille often can be used in place of vortex, due to its lower cost and the stopping of multiple enemies.

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Vauban can be equipped with the following items:



See Also

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Hotfix 22.0.3
  • Conclave: Only 2 of Vauban’s Minelayer can be active at a time in Conclave.

Hotfix: The Index Preview 2

  • Excluded Reactant and Index Point pickups from Vortex.

Update: The Index Preview

  • Conclave: Trip Wire grenade now has two beams, is deployed immediately on release, is not affected by gravity and its duration is removed.
  • Conclave: Shred mine damage increased and armor debuff is now permanent.
  • Conclave: Concussion grenade silence debuff duration increased.
  • Conclave: All of Vauban’s deployables are now destructible.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 11

  • Fixed Bastille stasis FX remaining after the ability ended for Clients.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Conclave: Increased the size of Tesla traps.
  • Bastille now works on Corpus air units. (Attack Drones, etc.)
  • Conclave: Fixed an issue with Bastille Visual FX staying active if the Host is killed within a Client's Bastille.
  • Fixed Corpus Techs having bad collision when suspended via Bastille.

Update: Lunaro

  • Fixed Tesla not being affected by Power Strength Mods as a Client.

Hotfix 18.13.2

  • Fixed multiple Bastilles appearing when casted by Vauban in Mag’s Polarize.
  • Fixed Mag’s Magnetize bubble lingering permanently when Vortex/Bastille is thrown inside it. This also fixes intensified FX in this situation that caused performance issues.

Update 18.13

  • Passive: Reinforce - Other Warframes within 20 meters give you 25% bonus armor.
  • Augment: Fixed hearing Bastille sound effect across the map when the Repelling Bastille Mod is equipped.

Hotfix 18.12.2

  • Prime: Fixed numerous Syandana placement issues on Vauban Prime.

Hotfix 18.12.1

  • Conclave: Fixed casting Concuss grenade disabling your powers until you died in Conclaves.
  • Conclave: Fixed seeing Minelayer power icons while loading into the Conclaves.
  • Prime: Reduced the Oxium crafting cost for Vauban Prime Chassis to 7,000.

Update 18.12

  • Prime: Vauban Prime added to drop tables.
  • Bounce has been renamed to Minelayer
    • Minelayer adds the ability to cycle through four deployable trap mines: Bounce, Trip Laser, Shred and Concuss.
  • Fixed certain enemies continuing their slowed animation after being released from Bastille.
  • Fixed Power Strength Mods (Blind Rage, Intensify, etc.) not applying very much to Vortex initial blast and damage over time.

Update 18.8

  • Fixed Kavats not being levitated by Bastille.

Update 18.5

  • Conclave: Increased the duration of Vortex.
  • Bounce will no longer bounce boss-type enemies.
  • Bastille will slow boss-type enemies instead of lifting and placing them in stasis.

Hotfix 18.4.10

  • Fixed an error causing Bastille to continue indefinitely if the ability was active before Vauban revived.

Update 18.0

  • Conclave: Vauban is now available for use in Conclave.
  • Fixed Tesla hanging in mid air after being attached to an enemy that has died.

Hotfix 17.10.1

  • Fixed Vortex being cancelled when you enter a Nullifier Bubble.

Hotfix 17.2.2

  • Slightly adjusted the visual FX on Vauban’s Abilities.

Hotfix 17.0.5

  • Fixed Vortex cancelling other players emotes or interactions.

Update 16.5.2

  • Fixed some of Vauban’s powers only lasting for 1 second.

Update 16.3.4

  • Augment: Fixed Perpetual Vortex Mod no longer pulling in enemies after the initial Vortex time has ended.

Update 16.3.3

Update 16.0.3

  • Increased Bounce Pad duration to 5 minutes (from 15 seconds).

Update 16.0

  • Fixed enemies not becoming released from Bastille when a Nullifier bubble passes over them.
  • Fixed Vortex not properly gathering nearby items.

Update 15.6

Update 15.5.7

  • Fixed performance issues that would occur in long sessions where Vortex was often used, resulting in FPS issues.

Update 15.5.1

  • Vauban’s Ability grenades have received their own unique texture!

Update 15.2

  • Augment: Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod has received an improved visual effect to reduce visual clutter when cast multiple times.
  • Augment: Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod should now properly deal Slash damage.

Update 15.0.5

  • Fixed ability screen not showing stats for Vauban's abilities.

Update 15.0

  • Augment: Tesla - Tesla Link
  • Fixed an issue with Bounce resulting in spamming "0" Magnetic Damage to enemies. Bounce will now properly deal damage to enemies.

Update 14.9

  • Improved performance on the visual effects of Bastille for longer durations in an effort to reduce crashes.

Update 14.8

  • Fixed Bastille slowly deteriorating frame-rate each time it was cast. Thanks to Test Clan Please Ignore for helping isolate the problem.

Update 14.7.4

  • Fixed Bounce and Vortex appearing with default energy colour for clients.
  • Optimized visual effects on Tesla grenades for lower end hardware.

Update 14.7

  • Fixed an issue where enemies caught in Vortex will oscillate and vibrate in an unappealing way.

Update 14.5

  • Made Vortex scale with power range and duration mods.

Update 14.0.11

  • PVP: Reduced the duration of Vortex in Dark Sector conflicts.
  • PVP: Vauban's Bastille no longer affects downed players in Dark Sector conflicts.

Update 14.0

  • Increased the volume of Vauban's power cast sound effects.
  • Fixed Vortex effect not appearing in same position as Vortex Ball.

Update 13.5

  • Adjusted the positioning of Chest Armor on Vauban.

Update 13.3

  • Added HUD timers for Bastille and Vortex.
  • Tweaked the ability and energy visuals on Vauban.

Update 13.2

  • Fixed an issue with Capture targets being susceptible to Bounce ability which could cause them to get stuck in level geometry.

Hotfix 13.0.6

  • Fixed an issue with Bounce ability not working correctly.

Hotfix 13.0.3

  • Fixed Bastille ability not properly affecting enemies that walk into it if it's been up for a bit already.

Update 13.0

  • Improved the performance and Apex visuals of Vortex ability.

Update 12.4.2

  • Fixed Vortex being able to ragdoll harder enemies (Minibosses like Stalker, etc).

Update 12.4

  • Fixed Bastille FX to fade properly.
  • Fixed issue with clients that would be pulled into Vortex.

Update 12.1

  • Conclave: Fixed Teslas not being destroyed in between Conclave matches.

Update 12.0.5

  • Fixed issues where Tesla could cause a crash. The FX of this power has been optimized for performance and stability.

Update 12.0.4

  • Fixed crash that could occur when using Tesla

Update 12.0.2

  • Fixed Vortex not ragdolling enemies.

Update 11.9.2

  • Fixed performance issues when using Vortex in situations with high enemy counts.

Update 11.3

  • Fixed issues with throwing direction associated with Vauban’s powers.

Update 11.2

  • Vauban's armor buffed to 50 (from 40).

Update 11.1.2

  • Fixed issues with Vortex causing crashes when dealing damage.

Update 10.5

  • Fixed Bounce ability that caused friendly AI to play perpetual falling animation.

Update 10.3

  • Fixed Infested chargers and ancients not being appropriately affected by Vortex ability.

Update 9.8

  • Bastille now has a set number of targets (6-8-10-12).
  • Vortex no longer affects other players (will tug the moment it is placed, and players next to vortex will not get a speed boost from slide attacks [Bug]).
  • Changed energy color tinting for Vauban’s Tesla and Vortex abilities.
  • Tesla ability now has reduced FX on projectiles attached to players.
  • PVP: Bounce ability now does damage.

Update 9.7

  • Changed sound effect of Vauban's Bounce ability.

Update 9.5

  • Fixed Vauban's powers not working when stuck onto Frost's Snowglobe.
  • Fixed bad cases with Tesla, Bounce, and Bastille that would occur when the instigator player would die/respawn/leave the game.

Update 9.3

  • Fixed Vortex damaging teammates if a player using Vauban casts it then disconnects.

Update 9.1.1

  • Fix for Vortex preventing revives in squad.

Update 8.3.1

  • Fix for Vortex killing friendlies if owner dies and respawns.

Update 8.3

  • Vauban's grenades will now have your energy color.

Update 8.2

  • Fix for Vauban’s abilities not working if thrown on Orokin ice trap.
  • Fix for Tesla not activating if tossed onto a Grineer Shield Lancer’s shield.

Update 8.0.6

  • Fixed infested leapers not being affected by bounce while leaping in air.

Update 8.0.4

  • Vauban powers now working as intended. A bug prevented the physics of most skills to work properly.

Update 8.0

  • Ambient FX for Tesla ability have been toned down.
  • Fixed issue where Bounce ability could be used to chain-incapacitate humanoid enemies during their recovery state.

Update 7.11

  • Added Vauban to the game.

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