• Grenades are thrown in an arc and are affected by gravity.
  • Grenades can be attached to any surface, to the tileset itself (walls/floors/ceilings), props (crates, ships, doors), Sentinels, teammates, Hostages and even enemies. Will not stick to the Vauban deploying the grenade.
  • No known limit to the number that can be deployed at once.



  • Deals Electricity b Electric damage and has a chance to proc Electricity b.
  • Will zap cameras for stealth kills.
  • Can be thrown through laser barriers.
  • Affected by Mag's Magnetize.
  • Can be stuck on Frost's Snow Globe.
  • Can be stuck on the outside of an Arctic Eximus' Snow Globe, allowing it to zap the enemies within. The Tesla will stay motionless in the air after the Snow Globe dissipates.
  • Can be thrown on The Sergeant to keep him stunned even when he goes invisible.
  • Using duration mods does not increase the duration, but has an effect on how many times each Tesla can zap.
  • Multiple Teslas can synergize well with each other.
    • Placing multiple Teslas in the same place allows players to deal massive amounts of damage to a single target.
    • Placing Teslas in a line also works well as enemies moving along the path will be hit by repeated zaps.
  • Where players activate the power and where the grenades appear is dependent on their connection to the host (hosts don't suffer from this delay) and the lag will cause grenades to appear moments or seconds after you use Tesla.
  • Can be thrown oddly if cast too close to an enemy or teammate that players are trying to stick Tesla on as it will often launch past the target, even though the reticle is centered on it. Zooming in and placing Tesla, as well as moving back a little, can help.
  • Sticking multiple Teslas on Sentinels allows players to deal heavy damage to crowds of enemies.
  • The range of Tesla is about the same as Carrier's Striker precept, creating a powerful synergy as the Sentinel tends to fire its shots at the same time as the orbs.
  • The Tesla orbs can also be stuck on teammates, giving fast Warframes like AshNova or Loki the ability to quickly wipe out rooms of enemies without making any sound.



  • Launches an orb similar to Tesla, slightly larger and also affected by gravity. After a second of landing on the surface it will produce an energy wave around the orb until it has been used up.
  • While active, Bounce produces a distinct humming sound effect when ready to be used.
  • Other players will often accidentally use your Bounce, so keep that in mind when placing them.
  • If placed on a teammate or enemy, bounce can behave abnormally. The field effect will show in the area where it contacted the player or enemy (stationary, will now show on the enemy or player) and enemies and other teammates can be reflected from the player if they come in contact with them.
  • Bounce can stick to Frost's Snow Globe as well as Nyx`s absorb sphere. When the Snow Globe is destroyed or absorb deactivated the bounce pads will remain suspended in their original position.
  • The ragdolling effect of Bounce can be combined with shotguns in mid-air to send ragdolled victims flying in a more controlled direction, such as towards a pit, as well as dealing significant damage. Works quite effectively on Grineer Asteroid maps due to the abundance of pits on most tiles.

Trip Laser

  • Enemies that walk into the laser get momentarily stunned while enemies that run into it suffer a knockdown.
  • When cast, the energy wire will always deploy horizontally
  • Useful for placing in front of doorways, narrow corridors and around defense pods and terminals.


  • Emits a small plume of smoke.
  • Shred lasts for 5 minutes and affected enemies have their armor value reduced for a period of time.
  • Procs Blast b, making Shred effective for area denial.
  • Particularly effective against the Grineer due to all of their units wearing armor.


  • Produces a swirling energy effect with a humming sound.
  • Enemies affected by the explosion are temporarily deafened and stunned.
  • Procs Radiation b, causing enemies to deal friendly fire.
  • Provides a more controllable form of crowd control compared to Shred, in exchange for not dealing any damage or armor reduction.


  • Launches a small metallic orb that activates a holographic barrier, suspending enemies in mid air until the duration expires, in which case the enemies will fall to the ground and be stunned for a brief moment.
  • A max rank Bastille can make Infested Defense a very simple task as long as it's used around the pod. Consider Streamline, Continuity, Constitution, and Energy Siphon mods to keep it up near permanently.
    • Keep in mind that Ancient Disruptors will project auras that will heavily reduce the time enemies are kept up in the field, dropping out within a few seconds of being pulled up.
  • For Corpus or Grineer defense, Bastille synergizes well with Frost's Snow Globe. The Snow Globe will block all long range incoming fire and Bastille can be thrown to prevent the globe from being swarmed. However, it should be noted that a Snow Globe cast after Bastille can counter the latter's effects, with some enemies being suspended, falling and running, then being suspended again inside the area of effect. (needs confirmation if this bug happens when a snow globe is cast before Bastille is in effect)
  • Note: Bastille cannot be thrown into Frost's Snow Globe; the orb will simply hit the globe and bounce back slightly, activating when landing on the ground or when getting stuck on top of the globe. If the need to use Bastille inside snow globe arises, and you have a low range build on your Vauban. simply head to the center of the Globe and cast it there.


  • Launches a small orb that is affected by gravity and activates upon contact with a surface, including enemies or teammates.
  • Using the Ogris, Torid or other explosive weapons in conjunction with Vortex is one of the most effective ways at eliminating enemies trapped inside, as their AoE damage can deliver massive damage over a short time to all enemies at once.
  • Vortex works extremely well in narrow corridors and tight spaces as it's easier for enemies to get pulled in.
  • Effective at gathering up a large group of enemies (such as during Infested Defense missions) and clearing out low to medium level enemies. Tougher enemies, such as Ancients or Grineer heavy units, will usually survive vortex unless they are low leveled (below level 15). Ability Duration mods such as Continuity and Ability Strength mods like Intensify can increase the damage dealt to enemies, making it more effective for medium leveled enemies.
  • Bastille often can be used in place of Vortex due to its lower cost and larger radius.
  • Keep in mind that on Infested missions, Ancient Disruptors will heavily reduce the already low damage of the ability, and Ancient Healers will project an aura that disables ragdolls from nearby Infested while also causing damage from the Vortex to rapidly heal the Ancient Healer. Using Concuss or a weapon equipped with Radiation b damage and good status chance is recommended to temporarily disable these links.