Weightless space turns this impossibly massive sword into an agile instrument of destruction.

The Veritux is a massive telescopic sword designed for use with the Archwing flight system. It is automatically given to players after completion of an Odonata Archwing.

Move Button Combination

Characteristics Edit

This weapon deals primarily Slash b Slash damage.


  • High base damage.
  • Has Vazarin Pol polarity.


  • Below average attack speed.
  • Possesses delay between combo looping, hindering attack speed.


  • Compared to Prisma Veritux:
    • Slower attack speed (0.833 atks/s vs. 1.0 atks/s)
    • Lower critical chance (5.0% vs. 15.0%)
    • Lower critical multiplier (1.5x vs. 2.0x)
    • Lower status chance (10.0% vs. 20.0%)

Weapon LoadoutsEdit


  • Blocking with melee will grant knockdown protection against obstacles, allowing for smoother flight. Alternatively, performing a slide attack will allow passage through obstacles without slowing down.


  • The Veritux was tentatively known as the Imspartacus in demo videos, referencing the line "I'm Spartacus" from the 1960 movie Spartacus.
  • The name Veritux was most likely taken from the Latin word Veritus meaning "to revere or respect" or "to fear" depending on context.


  • The Veritux sword.

Veritux Skins

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 15.0
  • Introduced along with the Archwing feature.

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