One of the few known plant species able to thrive on asteroids in deep space.

Vestan Moss is a plant found only on Grineer Asteroids. It grows on rocky terrain away from light, and out of sight.

Each yields a Vestan Moss extract when scanned.

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Item Category Quantity
Sunrise Apothic Equipment 25


  • When gathering extracts, the Cross-Matrix Widget can help expedite the process, as it grants each scan a chance to count as two scans, thus yielding an additional extract.
  • When looking through the Codex Scanner, the moss will only be highlighted if you are looking towards the top of the moss, it will not be shown if viewed from below the surface it is growing on. Moss can be seen (as can other items) behind other objects in a pulse that disappears and repeats every two seconds or so.
  • Be sure to look under any bridges or stairs and in dark areas where there is rocky ground beneath Grineer structures (see screenshots below).
  • As a general rule: look on top of shady rocks; be it rock cliffs, rock shelves, anything, but it must be shaded and it must be on a rocky surface (some decent spots to find Vestan Moss are Caloris, Mercury and Draco, Ceres)


  • The plant's name may be derived from Vesta, an asteroid which happens to be one of the largest objects found in the Asteroid Belt second only to Ceres. This is alluded to in its codex description, remarking that the moss is one of the few plants known in-game to thrive on asteroids.


  • Vestan Moss commonly spawns on this tile.
  • Spawn location of Vestan Moss on the previously mentioned tile.
  • Look under bridges and in dark corners for vestan moss.
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