Volt is a warrior with electrical prowess, more harmful to Robotic/Machine type enemies rather than organic targets and good for those who favor a variety of tactics on the battlefield. Volt's skills allow high effectiveness against the Corpus, normal effectiveness against the Infested, and low effectiveness against the Grineer with the implementation of Damage 2.0.



Volt launches a shocking projectile that stuns and deals high damage to a single target, then chains damage to other nearby enemies. While it targets a single enemy, Shock can chain to multiple enemies regardless of their relative positions, so long as each successive target is in the Chain Link Range of each other. This means that it can chain to enemies not in Volt's field of vision (e.g. enemies that are behind Volt or hidden by cover/around corners). The targeting requirements are a lot less restrictive than other directly aimed abilities, such as Saryn's Venom and Ash's Teleport. This, along with the chaining property and the fact that it can be cast while moving, makes it an effective crowd control when spammed if you lack energy for Discharge or need to slow down enemies immediately. Shock also has synergies with Electric Shield and Discharge for added benefits.


Volt energizes his body and that of nearby allies, granting increased speed and dexterity for a short time. Speed increases the range covered by all combat maneuvers and drastically increases sprint speed (though this effect can also exacerbate any difficulty allies may have with controlling movement). Speed can be used to quickly come to the aid of allies who are down, in pressing circumstances, or enable slower teammates to reach said allies if Volt himself is occupied. The melee attack speed buff makes Volt and allies incredibly fast with dual weapons, and heavy weapons will act as sword type weapons in terms of attack speed. The icing on the cake is that this ability also grants Volt and allies a small reload speed buff.  

Electric Shield

Volt deploys a large obstacle of energy that can be transformed into a smaller, personal shield, providing cover for any situation. His third is a lifesaver if you're fighting units with strong bullet or laser weapons. Electric Shield protects you from enemy fire and AoE damage while also bolstering your own attacks. Any projectiles you shoot through and Electric Shield will have added Electricity b Electricity damage and 2x crit. damage. Shotguns' damage falloff and energy weapons' travel time are eliminated when you fire through Electric Shield. Additionally, some weapons are specially affected when shooting through an Electric Shield (e.g. the Dera is given hitscan properties and the Flux Rifle gains infinite range). There are two types of Shields Volt can create. The default (on cast) is the large, stationary Static Shield. This Shield covers a wide area to defend Volt and allies from multiple angles, while also giving room for allies to take advantage of Electric Shield's damage buff properties. The other Shield is the smaller, mobile Current Shield. A Static Shield can be transformed into a personal riot shield by Volt and will be fixed with the target recital as he moves. Casting Shock through either a Static or Current Shield will electrify it, damaging any enemy that comes in contact with the Shield. Finally, sprinting with the Current Shield will also ragdoll any enemies that come in contact with it.


Volt discharges a violent electrical pulse, converting enemies into arc-emitting Tesla Coils that deal devastating damage to nearby enemies. It can turn a room of Corpus or Infested into a mass grave in seconds and stunlock tough Grineer enemies for just enough time to escape deadly situations. Upgrading Discharge increases its Effect Duration, damage and Health cap, the power's range, and radius of the Tesla Coil-ed targets. Discharge not only converts enemies into Tesla Coils, but also any near by storage containers. Casting Shock unto a target under Discharge's effects will overload it and the target will emit an AoE burst that will damage nearby enemies.


  • Volt's Electric damage is very well-rounded; it deals reduced damage only to Alloy Armor, so Volt is fairly effective against all factions.
  • Though technically Volt isn't the weakest Warframe in terms of durability, he only has 15 armor. This is somewhat offset by his higher than average shields, but Volt should not be tanking damage as he dies very quickly if his shields are depleted. He, like Ember, is a glass cannon of sorts; while he can deal high damage, he cannot take damage nearly as long as Saryn, Rhino, Frost, or Valkyr.
    • For this reason Electric Shield is all but a necessary investment for very high levels missions.
  • Due to how Volt's damaging powers behave and changes with different enemy types, Volt's powers are most effective versus the Corpus.

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