Update 22.12
  • Discharge
    • Removed the damage cap. Increased base damage output from 750 to 1200. Damage and stun duration are halved for enemies further away from Volt (affected by Mods).

Update 22.6

  • Change:
    • Reduced Electric Shield’s Energy Cost per meter to 1 Energy per 4 meters (down from 1 per 1 meter)

Update 22.5

  • Changes:
    • Since Volt has a new cosmetic entry, we've reviewed some long-requested QoL tweaks to his abilities to go along with it!
    • Added a minimum Duration for enemies affected by Discharge under the 'coil' CC effect. This could allow for possible modding diversity knowing minimum Duration for the 'coil' CC effect won't fall below 4 seconds.
    • Removed the passive 5 Energy per second drain from Volt’s Electric Shield when moving with it. The 1 Energy per meter drain remains.
    • Increased the base DPS of Discharge (from 450 at max rank to 750).
    • Discharge is now castable in the air.

Update 19.8

  • Change
    • Volt’s Discharge no longer causes damage to Golem’s weak points in The Jordas Verdict. This was allowing Nerves to be destroyed without completing the prerequisite puzzles.

Hotfix 19.5.4

  • Change:
    • Removed 'Hasten Coil' from Volt’s Speed ability description as the Hasten Coil was removed awhile back.
  • Fix:
    • Fixed very fast Volts not building up Static Discharge.

Hotfix: The Index Preview 4

  • Conclave: Fixed a couple Dedicated Server script errors with Overload.

Hotfix: The Index Preview 3

  • Removed the smudge motion blur from Speed ability.

Update: The Silver Grove

  • Conclave: Decreased duration of Shield.
  • Conclave: Removed duration reduction and reduced Energy drain when picking up Shield.
  • Fixed Discharge not applying diminishing returns to duration.

Hotfix: Specters of the Rail 13

  • Fixed meshes getting distorted when Field of View was increased by Speed.

Update: Specters of the Rail

  • Conclave: Reduced Conclave Mobility base stat to 0.8
  • Conclave: Decreased damage of Shock.
  • Passive: Fixed an issue with Static Discharge not contributing additional Electricity damage to his Electric Shields.
  • Fixed an issue with Paracyst and Radial Javelin attacks not properly passing through or being amplified by Electric Shield.

Hotfix: Lunaro 6

  • Fixed Speed trail FX disappearing when recasted.

Hotfix: Lunaro 5

  • Electric Shield will now ragdoll enemies when being carried while sprinting.
  • Speed has been reverted to instantly affect allies in the cast radius, rather than create a pick-up.
    • Allies can now backflip to remove Speed if they wish to opt-out.

Update: Lunaro

  • Other context actions will now take priority over picking up Electric Shield.

Hotfix 18.14.2

  • Fixed Speed FX trail lingering after the ability had ended if you were a Client.

Update 18.14

  • Volt can now place up to 6 Electric Shields (was 4).
  • Volt will be able to see the Speed pickup he creates.
  • Volt can now recast Speed.
    • Each recast will replace the prior speed pickup to the new casting location.
  • Tweaked the animation of Speed pickup to spin more.

Hotfix 18.13.2

  • Increased the sound radius on Speed pickup for allies.
  • Fixed Electric Shield lingering for other players after disappearing for the caster.

Update 18.13

  • Speed Changes:
    • FOV reduced.
    • Addition of Hasten Coil pickup upon cast of Speed, granting allies the choice to undergo Speed's effects or not.
    • Electric Shield Changes:
    • Graphic overhaul to improve the look of casting, ambient effects, and its effect on projectiles that pass through it.
    • Addition of synergy between Shock being cast through Electric Shield, adding electricity proc to enemies that then pass through Electric Shield.
    • Addition of ability of Volt to interact with Electric Shield, making it act as a riot shield.
  • Overload Changes:
    • Renamed 'Discharge'
    • Addition of 'Tesla Coil' effect to targets hit by Discharge.
    • Addition of Shock being cast on Tesla Coils to overload them and cause an "AoE burst".
  • Augment: Capacitance rebalanced for rework of Discharge.
  • Passive: Physical ground-travel distance between attacks causes bonus Electrical damage on next attack.

Hotfix 18.5.5

  • Fixed projectiles creating a Hit FX when shot through Electric Shield.

Update 18.5

  • Conclave: Increased the range of Overload.
  • Shock and Overload will no longer be able to electrocute boss-type enemies.
  • Volt has been given a PBR update.

Update 18.4

  • Conclave: Fixed Castanas not having a duration if they pass through Electric Shield.

Update 18.3

  • Fixed an issue where Shock would shoot into the sky when not targeting an enemy.

Update 18.0

  • Volt is now purchasable through Teshin's Conclave Offerings at the Typhoon rank.
  • Conclave: Increased the damage of Shock.
  • Volt has been given a fresh PBR upgrade.

Hotfix 17.10.1

  • Fixed Electric Shield Abilities being cancelled when you enter a Nullifier Bubble.

Update 17.9.1

  • Fixed Electric Shield not functioning on guns with punch through.

Hotfix 17.4.2

  • Fixed Electric Shield giving every ranged projectile a 70m default range.

Update 17.2.4

  • Conclave: Shock damage increased.

Hotfix 17.0.5

  • Augment: Fixed Shocking Speed not breaking open containers.

Update 17.0

  • Conclave: Shock damage has been reduced.
  • Conclave: Overload damage has been reduced.

Hotfix 16.11.3

  • Prime: Fixed some users having un-Arcaneable Volt Prime helmets.

Update 16.9

  • Overload will now cause destructive visual effects on nearby active light fixtures when used.

Update 16.6

  • Conclave: Volt's Shock damage has been reduced in PvP.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Dera to retain damage bonuses from Electric Shield, resulting in higher than normal damage.

Hotfix 16.4.5

  • Fixed the Tonkor and Penta not being affected by Electric Shield.

Hotfix 16.4.4

  • Fixed Electric Shield giving improper damage multipliers.

Update 16.4

  • Electric Shield is now more visible when used with dark/black energy.
  • Fixed error that would allow Punch Through Mods to create unlimited multishot when a weapon is fired through Electric Shield.

Update 16.2

  • Conclave: Increased Overload field expansion speed, but reduced its range and duration.
  • Augment: Shocking Speed effect now has accompanying audio.
  • Augment: Overload - Capacitance
  • Prime: Fixed blurry textures.

Hotfix 16.1.5

  • Prime: Improved the texture details.

Hotfix 16.1.3

  • Volt’s Shock will now apply his energy color to the electrocuted proc that targets receive.
  • Fixed broken Harkonar physics on Volt.

Update 16.1

  • Prime: Added Volt Prime into drop tables.
  • Conclave: Overload is now more noticeable, particularly for players using black energy.

Hotfix 16.0.4

  • Conclave: Reduced the damage of Shock ability.

Update 16.0

  • Conclave: Volt can now be used in Conclave.
  • Conclave: Speed - Kinetic Collision
  • Conclave: Electric Shield - Recharge Barrier
  • Improved Overload FX to more accurately show the range of the attack.
  • Improved the quality of Shock FX.

Hotfix 15.13.7

  • Restored Volt’s speed trail visuals.

Hotfix 15.13.3

Update 15.13

  • Updated audio and visual FX on Volt’s Shock Ability.
  • Augment: Shock Trooper has its duration increased from 24 seconds to 40 seconds, and their damage reduced from 125% to 100%.

Update 15.9

  • Fixed minor color issues occurring on electric procs within Overload sphere.

Update 15.6

Hotfix 15.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with Overload not showing up on the Abilities screen.

Update 15.0

Hotfix 14.1.3

  • Fixed an issue with Shield ability not amplifying the damage of client projectiles that pass through them.

Update 14.0

  • Volt now make up one of the starter Warframe options.
  • Electric Shield now has a countdown timer.
    • In the case of multiple spawned shields, the time for the last spawned one will be displayed.
  • Improved the cast sound for Speed.

Update 13.9

  • Shield Changes:
    • Damage multiplier returned to its normal value.
    • Multiple Shields no longer stack this multiplier.

Hotfix 13.6.1

  • Tweaked the visual effects of Shock ability.
  • Fixes self-inflicted death wounds being caused by throwing Glaives through Shield Ability.

Update 13.3

  • Increased size of Shield Ability for better team usage.
  • Reduced the amount of motion blur seen from Speed.
  • Tweaked the ability and energy visuals on Volt.

Hotfix 13.2.4

  • Reduced the amount of distortion seen in Shield ability.

Hotfix 13.0.2

  • Fixed graphical issues with Shield ability.

Update 13.0

  • Fixed Ogris rounds not passing through Shield ability correctly

Update 12.0

  • Volt parts can now be researched in the new Dojo Labs!

Update 11.6

  • Fixed issue with Volt being unable to melee if Overload was active or lingering.

Update 11.2

  • Armor buffed to 15 (from 10).

Hotfix 11.1.2

  • Fixed Volt Chassis dropping instead of Volt Chassis Blueprint.

Update 11.1

  • Volt’s blueprints added to Mission Reward tables.

Hotfix 11.0.3

  • Volt's electric effects will now create a dynamic light that matches your energy colour.

Update 11.0

  • Volt component blueprints now drop from J-3 Golem.

Update 10.4

  • Speed boost won't affect other player's FOV.
  • Small performance improvements to Overload.

Update 10.3

  • Added new Shield ability sounds.
  • Updated Overload charge sounds to match animation.

Update 10.0

  • Added idle FX.
  • Fixed Miter disk projectile to behave like other projectiles that pass through Shield ability.

Update 9.8

  • Speed trail FX now last the duration of the power.

Hotfix 9.6.1

  • Fixed Speed not being affected by power duration mods for clients.

Update 9.6

  • Fix Overload creating two effects on clients.

Update 9.3

  • Volt audio revisions on abilities.

Update 9.2

  • Fix Shock chains not using correct energy colour.
  • Fix Speed FX not using correct energy colour.

Update 9.0

  • Fixed Speed not making you jog faster.
  • Fixed Shock to chain properly off turrets and cameras.

Hotfix 8.3.3

  • Fix for Speed not making you jog faster.

Hotfix 8.3.2

  • Fix for Shock "Power in Use" bug.

Hotfix 8.3.1

  • Overload DPS increased and casting time reduced.
  • Fixed Shield ability – it now functions as intended which is to allow shots to fire through from Warframes with increased damage.

Update 8.3

  • Speed Changes
    • Now a radial group buff, All Tenno in a radius around the caster will get a speed and melee weapon speed increase.
    • Speed, range, duration all increase with fusion level.
    • Range (15,20,22,25)
    • Speed (10%,15%,25%,50%)
    • Duration (5,6,8,10).
  • Overload Changes
    • Higher damage output during entire animation.
  • Shock Changes
    • Has proper chaining.
    • Fusion now increases the number of chains and the radius it looks for further chaining targets.
  • Fixed missing animation with Overload.
  • Fixed lag and FX issues when shooting through Shield ability.

Update 8.1

  • Fix for Volt getting up from bleedout when speed ends.


  • Volt in Void Missions fixed.

Hotfix 5.4.1

  • Fixes for Overload being over-powered, then under-powered. Does radial damage as well.
  • Energy cost changes.

Update 5.3

  • Added Volt Warframe Blueprints.