• Mesa performing Deceptive Lunge.
  • Mesa performing Duel Secrets.
  • Mesa performing Assailant Guise.
  • Mesa performing Hidden Flourish.

Vulpine Mask is a Stance Mod for Rapier type weapons.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
Deceptive Lunge ESlash b2X50%EE
Duel Secrets* ESlash b2X50%ERMB +ESlash b100%+50%  ___ E200%ESlash b100%+50%  ___ EE
Assailant Guise* ESlash b2X50%  PauseE2XEEESlash b50%E
Hidden Flourish* ESlash b2X50%  HoldE3XESlash b4X50%ESlash b2XE125%2XE
Veiled Riposte Hold E?% , Release
Spiral Cut Slide + E
Sky Doom In Air + E
Weightless Steel Wall Dash + E
Death's Mark Knockdowned Enemy + E1600%
Normal    All Targets    Slam/Ragdoll    Proc
  • PS4:     E  = Combops4circle   RMB  = R2
  • XBOX:  E  = B    RMB  = RTrigger


  • Apart from being available as a drop, this mod can be acquired as part of the Destreza Finesse Bundle for Platinum64220.


  • The first attack of every move is always two quick stabs doing half damage, but forcing a Slash b Slash proc.
  • Hidden Flourish's first 2 moves can be executed by simply holding E
  • Finisher attack initiated by Hidden Flourish does more damage than normal stealth finishers (further testing needed for correct values).
  • The last attack attack of the Hidden Flourish combo opens the enemy for a finisher attack.
  • In order to do Veiled Riposte, hold E  after doing at least 2 basic attacks.


  • Vulpine is derived from Latin "vulpes," meaning "fox." Vulpine itself means of or relating to foxes, or more figuratively, cunning. It's possible that the name of this stance (which can be written as "mask of the fox") is a reference to the fictional swordsman Zorro, whose name is Spanish for "fox", on top of being commonly depicted wielding a rapier and wearing a mask to keep his identity secret.
  • Between Hotfix 18.3.1 and Hotfix, Vulpine Mask erroneously dropped from the Jackal. However, players who obtained the mod by this means were allowed to keep it.


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