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Warframe is a co-operative, free-to-play, sci-fi shooter game developed by Digital Extremes, and is published primarily on PC. It is also available for distribution on Steam, PlayStation 4 and (soon) Xbox One. It is set in a distant future where the solar system is torn between the Grineer, an empire race of militarized clones; the Corpus, a mega-corporation merchant cult with advanced robotics and laser technology; and the Infested, the victims fallen under the scourge of Technocyte Virus. The player takes the role of a Tenno, a member of a fourth faction with a mysterious and unclear nature, and is guided by an entity called the Lotus through missions. The players are always pitted against enemies in superior numbers. To this end, players have at their disposal a varied arsenal of weapons both archaic and modern, and most notably, a special suit of armor--the titular Warframe, each of which has a particular set of abilities. Despite being primarily a shooter game, the gameplay has a definite focus on the synchronization of your arsenal, allowing for limitless possibilities of creativity in combat.


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