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Cosmetics items are skins or accessories that can be applied to all Warframes (Excluding some Warframe-specific Syandanas). These items include holographic badges, armor, helmets, Sigils, custom animations, and Syandana scarves. Some of them are available by default, others can be acquired through completing Events, through the Alerts system, syndicates, or purchased through the Market with Platinum.

All these items can be equipped in the Appearance page.


Main article: Colour Picker Extension

Warframes, as well as weapons and sentinels can be customized with a variety of different color choices. These color palettes can be purchased in the Market.


Main article: Category:Helmet

Every Warframe can be equipped with alternate helmets aside from their default one. All helmets prior to Update 10 included stat changes which altered the way that the Warframe played. The first helmet to not include stats was the Raknis Nekros Helmet. Alternative helmets can be acquired from the Market with Platinum or from Alerts in the form of Blueprints.


Skins alter the appearance of Warframes, including Prime Warframes, with special patterns and colors. Their colors may be changed by changing the corresponding color slot on your Warframe's appearance. They are for cosmetic purposes only. These Warframe Skins can be bought at the Market for Platinum64 40 each, or the first eight Skins that were released for Platinum64 234 as part of the Immortal Skin Bundle.The Phased Vauban Skin, the Excalibur Proto-Armor Skin and the Rubedo Rhino Skin were only distributed during special events. Check their respective articles for more details.

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Idle AnimationsEdit

Main article: Idle Animations

Every Warframe comes with a set of three custom idle animations: Default, Noble and Agile, which give the Warframe a unique idle stance depending on the animation and weapon type equipped. Occasionally, they will play a custom movement when the character stands still for a period of time. While all Warframe animations can be used between all Warframes, only animation sets native to a particular Warframe are available by default to that Warframe, and equipping an animation set from a different Warframe requires purchasing that animation for Platinum64 50.

DefaultStanceIcon NobleStanceIcon AgileStanceIcon
Default Noble Agile


These items are equipped under Attachments.


Syandana are cosmetic garments, worn on the back of the Warframe that feature cloth physics, swaying to the Warframe's movement. Except for Warframe-specific Syandanas like the Mortos and Valkyr's Bonds, all Syandanas can be used by any Warframe. Syandanas can be recolored independently of the Warframe's colors under the Attachments section of the Appearance tab in the Arsenal, sharing their colors with Armor. A select few Syandanas have channeling patterns on them, though most Syandanas are unaffected by channeling. Some Syandanas, such as the Misa Prime was only available via the Ember Prime Access, while the Noru Prime Syandana is available through Rhino Prime Access, and the Phased Asa Syandana was only available through the Steam Winter Sales 2013. 

"Syandana" is a Sanskrit word स्यन्दन that can mean "flowing".

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Syandana Lore Exclusivity
Platinum64 50
DEAsa A traditional Tenno garment, this Syandana is woven from ancient, Orokin synthetic thread. N/A
Asita Rakta Syandana SyndicateRVScarf This Asita Rakta Syandana ignites a jet of flames that burns brighter with each stealth takedown. Red Veil Exalted Rank
Platinum64 75
GrineerTurbinesScarf A syandana of Grineer design. N/A
Platinum64 50
HornSkullDefaultScarf Used for festive ceremonies, this Syandana was often worn during social gatherings. N/A
Platinum64 85
InfestedFinsScarf An infested syandana made from living tissue. N/A
Platinum64 50
TurtleNeckScarf Before the fall, the Imperator Syandana was bestowed upon only the highest-ranking Orokin commanders. N/A
Misa Prime DEMisaPrimeSyandana Discovered in the vaults of a drifting derelict, this Syandana was worn by Temple Guards before the fall of the Orokin Empire. Prime Access
Ember Prime
Platinum64 50
DEMortos Only Nekros is permitted to wear the Mortos Syandana. Nekros
Noru Prime NoruPrimeSyandana A relic from another time, this syandana is a highly ornamental and prized garment. Prime Access
Rhino Prime
Obsidian Yomo ArmScarfPS4 A next-generation syandana. PS4™ Renown Pack
Phased Asa PhasedAsa The Void's corrupting energy has scarred this syandana, leaving it permanently out of phase with conventional space Phased Skins
Prisma Yamako
PrimeBucks‍ 400
Credits64‍ 250,000
PrismaYamakoPlaceholder Forged by Orokin era artisans, this exquisite syandana is finished by bathing its prisma crystal in pure void energy. Limited Edition item from Baro Ki'Teer
Platinum64 70
FlameScarf During the Orokin Era, only the most fierce warriors were permitted to wear this flaming Syandana. N/A
Pyra Prime PrimeFlameScarf A ceremonial version of the Pyra that drapes the entire back in a cape of flames. Prime Access
Nova Prime
Rakta Syandana HornSkullScarf The Rakta Syandana is awarded by the Red Veil for exemplary valor. This honor is rarely given to outsiders. Specters Of Liberty
Rubedo Plated Yamako RubedoSkinYamakoSyandana This syandana has been adorned with a fine layer of Rubedo plating. Rubedo Skins
Sancti Syandana SyndicateNLScarf The Sancti Syandana pulses every time the Tenno uses an ability and continues to strengthen with each ability used. New Loka Flawless Rank
Secura Syandana SyndicatePSScarf This Secura Syandana pulses every time a Tenno picks up credits and glows brighter as their wealth increases. The Perrin Sequence Partner Rank
Synoid Syandana SyndicateCSScarf The Synoid Syandana glows more brightly with every scan performed. Cephalon Suda Genius Rank
Telos Syandana SyndicateAHScarf With every enemy struck down the Telos Syandana glows stronger. Arbiters of Hexis Maxim Rank
Platinum64 50
DEUru The Syandana is a traditional Tenno garment. This variation was often worn during the Tenno Absolution Ceremony. N/A
Valkyr's Bonds
Platinum64 50
BerserkerDangles Remnants of the bonds that restrained the original Valkyr during her time in 'the lab'. A reminder to never forget the torment. Valkyr
Vaykor Syandana SyndicateSMScarf The Vaykor Syandana flares up whenever the Tenno takes damage. Steel Meridian General rank
Platinum64 50
DinoSpikeScarf Once worn exclusively by Orokin Judiciary, the Yamako Syandana is a symbol of wisdom and authority. N/A
Platinum64 50
DEyomo A traditional garment, popular with high ranking Tenno. N/A


Armor are additional physical parts that can be attached to the Warframe's chest, shoulders and legs. Each individual part location - Chest, Left Shoulder, Right Shoulder, Left Leg and Right Leg - can be individually customized with a different part, allowing for a mixed variety of styles. Also, Armor can be recolored independently of the Warframe's colors under the Attachments section of the Appearance tab in the Arsenal, sharing their colors with Syandanas. Certain Warframes such as Banshee and Frost have preinstalled armor parts that can be replaced by these attachables. Armor have their own Channeling areas, and will glow when a Warframe is under the effects of Channeling.

Some armor such as the Edo chest piece will intermittently emit a translucent energy shield over the Warframe's chest, using the Warframe's energy color whenever sliding or taking damage. This is a purely cosmetic effect.

View Armor List
Type Armor Bundle
Chest Plate Platinum64 45
Shoulder Plates Platinum64 50
Knee Plates Platinum64 35
Bundle Platinum64 100
Take your Warframe to the next level with a full set of Daedalus decorative armor.
Shoulder Guards Platinum64 50
Leg Guards Platinum64 35
Bundle Platinum64 70
Derived from Corpus protective technologies, the Dendra decorative armor provides a unique look for any Warframe.
Chest Plate Platinum64 35
Shoulder Plates Platinum64 50
Knee Plates Platinum64 40
Bundle Platinum64 100
The Edo decorative armor set rekindles faint memories of warriors long forgotten.
Chest Plate Platinum64 45
Shoulder Plates Platinum64 50
Knee Plates Platinum64 35
Bundle Platinum64 100
Make a bold statement with a full set of Eos decorative armor.
Prime Eos
Chest Plate PrimeBucks‍ 125
Credits64‍ 75,000
Shoulder Plates PrimeBucks‍ 100
Credits64‍ 150,000
Spurs PrimeBucks‍ 130
Credits64‍ 150,000
Limited items sold by Baro Ki'Teer
Decorative armor for your Warframe.
Chestguard Platinum64 65
Spaulders Platinum64 65
Leg Plates Platinum64 50
Bundle Platinum64 200
This prototype Grineer Exo-Armor was destined to be worn by Grineer generals until it was stolen and repurposed by Tenno agents. Wear it as a sign of defiance. (Bundle includes Syandana)
Chest Plate Platinum64 50
Shoulder Plates Platinum64 75
Ankle Plates Platinum64 65
Bundle Platinum64 220
This selection of decorative armor is made out infested carapace and grafted onto the host. (Bundle includes Syandana)
Naberus Shoulder Armor
Shoulder Armor only
Available until November 3, 2014
Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies by cladding your Warframe in this ancient battle armor.
Targis Prime
Shoulder Plates
Bundle available in Nyx Prime Prime Access
This highly decorated armor was once worn by the personal guards of an Orokin Emperor.
Edo Prime
Chest Plate
Shoulder Plates
Knee Plates
Bundle available in Volt Prime Prime Access
This golden decorative armor honors master warriors long since forgotten.


Moustaches are facial cosmetics given out to all players for free in support of Movember 2014, which could only be equipped from November 1 to November 30, 2014. Four of the five moustaches were each released upon Digital Extremes attaining a donation goal to the Movember Foundation, with the final moustache being unlocked on November 14, 2014. They can be used on any Warframe regardless of gender.

TheMagnumPlaceholder TheTuskerPlaceholder TheBaronPlaceholder TheGentlemanPlaceholder TheVillainPlaceholder
The Magnum The Tusker The Baron The Gentleman The Villain



Regalia consist of Emblems and Sigils that display images of specific types of status or affiliations, such as Founders status, Clan affiliations and Events participation. Each Warframe can only equip one badge at a time on one shoulder.


Main article: Sigils

Sigils are mainly Syndicate-related logos that can be displayed on a Warframe's body. Unlike other Regalia, Sigils can have their size, position and orientation customized. Wearing Sigils also allows a player to earn Standing with the Syndicate the Sigil represents.

Clan EmblemEdit

Main article: Clan Emblem

This holographic badge displays the emblem of your Clan on a Warframe's right shoulder. It can only be acquired through the Market. Should an unallied Tenno bear this emblem, the badge will instead show a Lotus flower as seen to the right.

Event EmblemsEdit

These badges can be acquired through participating in Events. The badge displays a holographic symbol of the specific event on the Warframe's left shoulder.

Skull BadgesEdit

These commemorative holographic badges were awarded to the top 1000 players in the now retired Global Kill Leaderboard. They are no longer available.

DESkullBadgeGold DESkullBadgeSilver DESkullBadgeBronze
Gold Skull Badge
Top 10
Silver Skull Badge
Top 11-100
Bronze Skull Badge
Top 101-1000

Founder EmblemsEdit

These badges were given to any player who had purchased the Founders package. Each package provided a unique badge which displays a holographic image of the Founder type that the player is associated with.

With the closing of The Founders Pack, these are no longer available.

DiscipleBadge HunterBadge MasterBadge GrandMasterBadge
Disciple's Emblem Hunter's Emblem Master's Emblem Grand Master's Emblem


  • Can be colored by energy color!
  • Cant be colored (yet!)
  • The Yomo Syandana.
  • The Yomo Syandana on mag.
  • Mortos. Can only be worn by Nekros.
  • Asa Syandana on Rhino.
  • Asa Syandana on Excalibur.
  • Asa Syandana on Ash.
  • Asa Syandana on Vauban.
  • Asa Syandana on Frost Prime.
  • Asa Syandana on Nova.
  • Asa Syandana on Loki.
  • Asa Syandana on Ember.
  • Uru Syandana on Ash
  • Uru Syandana on Nekros
  • Uru can change color after update 10.0.4.
  • Misa Syandana on Nova
  • Misa Syandana on Ember Prime
  • Vauban in his Phased skin
  • Vauban in his Phased skin
  • The Phased asa syandana cannot be colored
  • After update 11.5 syandana´s can now be seen in the lobby and codex
  • Volt+ Immortal Skin
  • Loki with Immortal Skin Color Palette
  • Daedalus Armor Cosmetics set on Rhino Prime
  • Excalibur Proto Armor Skin with Armor Cosmetics Set
  • Excalibur with Daedalus Armor set glowing under the effects of Channeling.
  • Targis Prime armour on Volt.
  • Targis Prime Armour on Frost Prime. The leg plates look much better than expected, though they seem slightly misaligned.
  • Pyra Prime on Ember Prime
  • Edo Prime Armor and Kazeru Prime Sugatra
  • Edo Prime armor special channeling effect
Обзор шарфов (syandanas preview)04:07

Обзор шарфов (syandanas preview)

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