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Cosmetics items are skins that can be applied to all warframes. These items include holographic badges, helmets, custom animations, and syandana scarves. Some of them are available by default, others can be acquired through completing Events, through the Alerts system or purchased through the Market with Platinum.

All these items can be equipped in the Appearance page.

Colour Picker ExtensionsEdit

Main article: Colour Picker Extension

Warframes, as well as weapons and sentinels can be customized with a variety of different color choices. These color palettes can be purchased in the Market.

Idle AnimationsEdit

Main article: Idle Animations

Every warframe comes with a set of three custom idle animations: Normal, Noble and Agile, which give the warframe a unique idle stance depending on the animation and weapon type equipped. Occasionally, they will play a custom movement when the character stands still for a period of time. These animations are available by default.

DefaultStanceIcon NobleStanceIcon AgileStanceIcon
Default Noble Agile


Main article: Category:Helmet

Every warframe can be equipped with alternate helmets aside from their default one. All helmets prior to Update 10 included stat changes which altered the way that the warframe played. The first helmet to not include stats was the Raknis helmet. All helmets can be acquired from the Market with Platinum or from Alerts in the form of Blueprints.


Syandana are cosmetic garments, worn on the back of the warframe. They do not provide any bonuses. Any warframe may wear this Syandana and the colour may be changed by changing the corresponding colour slot on your Warframe's appearance. They can be bought at the Market for Platinumicon 50; however, the Misa Prime was and the Noru Prime Syandana is available through Prime Access and the Phased Asa Syandana only through the Steam Winter Sales 2013. These scarves are for cosmetic purposes only.

'Syandana' is a Sanskrit word that means "flowing".

Show/Hide Syandana list
Syandana Lore Exclusivity
Yomo DEyomo A traditional garment, popular with high ranking Tenno. N/A
Uru DEUru The Syandana is a traditional Tenno garment. This variation was often worn during Tenno ceremonies. N/A
Asa DEAsa A traditional Tenno garment, this Syandana is woven from ancient, Orokin synthetic thread. N/A
Mortos DEMortos Only Nekros is permitted to wear the Mortos Syandana. Nekros
Valkyr's Bonds BerserkerDangles Remnants of the bonds that restrained the original Valkyr during her time in 'the lab'. A reminder to never forget the torment. Valkyr
Misa Prime DEMisaPrimeSyandana Discovered in the vaults of a drifting derelict, this Syandana was worn by Temple Guards before the fall of the Orokin Empire. Prime Access
Ember Prime
Phased Asa PhasedAsa The Void's corrupting energy has scarred this syandana, leaving it permanently out of phase with conventional space Phased Skins
Noru Prime NoruPrimeSyandana A relic from another time, this syandana is a highly ornamental and prized garment. Prime Access
Rhino Prime
Imperator TurtleNeckScarf Before the fall, the Imperator Syandana was bestowed upon only the highest-ranking Orokin commanders. N/A


Skins alter the appearance of warframes, including Prime warframes, with special patterns and colors. Their colors may be changed by changing the corresponding color slot on your Warframe's appearance. They are for cosmetic purposes only. These Warframe Skins can be bought at the Market for Platinumicon 40 each, or the first eight Skins that were released for Platinumicon 234 as part of the Immortal Skin Bundle. The Phased Vauban Skin was distributed only during the 2013 Steam Winter Sale and can only be obtained through trading.

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Emblems are badges that display holographic images of specific types of status or affiliations, such as Founders status, Clan affiliations and Events participations. Your warframe can only equip one badge at a time on one shoulder.

Clan EmblemEdit

Main article: Clan Emblem

This holographic badge displays the emblem of your Clan on your warframe's right shoulder. It can only be acquired through the Market. Should an unalleged Tenno bears this emblem, the badge will instead show a Lotus bearing as seen to the right.

Event EmblemsEdit

These badges can be acquired through participating Events. The badge displays a holographic symbol of the specific event on the warframe's left shoulder.

Skull BadgesEdit

These commemorative holographic badges were awarded to the top 1000 players in the now retired Global Kill Leaderboard. They are no longer available.

DESkullBadgeGold DESkullBadgeSilver DESkullBadgeBronze
Gold Skull Badge
Top 10
Silver Skull Badge
Top 11-100
Bronze Skull Badge
Top 101-1000

Founder EmblemsEdit

These badges are given to any player who have purchased the Founders package. Each package will receive a unique badge which displays a holographic image of the Founder type that the player is associated with.

With the closing of The Founders Pack, these are no longer available.

DiscipleBadge HunterBadge MasterBadge GrandMasterBadge
Disciple's Emblem Hunter's Emblem Master's Emblem Grand Master's Emblem


  • Can be colored by energy color!
  • Cant be colored (yet!) :(
  • The Yomo Syandana.
  • The Yomo Syandana on mag.
  • Mortos. Can only be worn by Nekros.
  • Asa Syandana on Rhino.
  • Asa Syandana on Excalibur.
  • Asa Syandana on Ash.
  • Asa Syandana on Vauban.
  • Asa Syandana on Frost Prime.
  • Asa Syandana on Nova.
  • Asa Syandana on Loki.
  • Asa Syandana on Ember.
  • Uru Syandana on Ash
  • Uru Syandana on Nekros
  • Uru can change color after update 10.0.4.
  • Misa Syandana on Nova
  • Misa Syandana on Ember Prime
  • Vauban in his Phased skin
  • Vauban in his Phased skin
  • The Phased asa syandana cannot be colored
  • After update 11.5 syandana´s can now be seen in the lobby and codex
  • Volt+ Immortal Skin
  • Loki with Immortal Skin Color Palette

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