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When using Blueprints to create Warframes one of the components required is the Systems. Certain Systems blueprints can be acquired from bosses, random mission rewards, or special community alerts.

Manufacturing RequirementsEdit

Below is the standard Systems recipe, but some Systems blueprints require different resources and quantities.

Manufacturing Requirements
Resource Quantity
ControlModule Control Module 1
Morphics Morphics 1
Salvage Salvage 500
Plastids Plastids 500
Credits 32px Credits 15,000
Build Time 12 hours
Rush Build Platinumicon 25

Systems Location GuideEdit

Warframe Location
Ash Tyl Regor
Banshee Tenno Lab
Ember General Sargas Ruk
Ember Prime Random bonus reward from Void Missions.
Excalibur Ambulas
Frost Lieutenant Lech Kril
Frost Prime Random bonus reward from Void Missions.
Loki Hyena Pack
Mag Sgt. Nef Anyo
Mag Prime Random bonus reward from Void Missions.
Nekros Lephantis
Nova Raptor
Nyx Phorid
Oberon Eximus units
Rhino Jackal
Saryn Kela De Thaym
Trinity Lieutenant Lech Kril & Captain Vor
Valkyr Alad V
Vauban Random bonus reward from Alert Missions.
Volt Tenno Lab
Zephyr Tenno Lab

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