Status Chance = Base Status Chance × (1 + Mod Status Chance) × (1 + Weeping Wounds Multiplier × Combo Multiplier)

  • Mod Status Chance: This is the total of all equipped mod bonuses added together. If you have a Rank 3 Drifting Contact giving +40% (0.40), a Rank 3 Voltaic Strike giving +60% (0.60), a Rank 5 Melee Prowess giving +15% (0.15), and a Rank 3 Enduring Strike giving +60% (0.60), your Mod Status Chance totals to 1.75.
  • Weeping Wounds Multiplier: This is the multiplier Weeping Wounds uses based on its rank; at rank 5 it is 45% (0.45).
  • Combo Multiplier: This is the multiplier from your Melee Combo Counter, starting at 1.5x with 5 hits and improving by +0.5x each combo level.

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