Wraith Twin Vipers

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Wraith Twin Vipers
Weapon Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Pistol
Trigger Type Auto
Projectile Speed Hit-Scan
Firing Rate 25.0 rounds/sec
Accuracy 11.1
Magazine Size 40 rounds/mag
Max Ammo 210 rounds
Reload Time 2.0s
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 14.4
Puncture wPuncture 1.8
Slash wSlash 1.8
Crit Chance 18.0%
Crit Multiplier 2.0x
Introduced Update 11.5
The uniquely styled Wraith Twin Vipers are a powerful variation on the standard akimbo machine-pistols.

The Wraith Twin Vipers are a reward for The Cicero Crisis event. They were obtained after the event, but only if one scored 100 points or more in one mission.


This weapon deals primarily Impact b Impact damage.


  • Incredibly high rate of fire.
  • Physical damage is mostly Impact b Impact damage, which is best used against Shielded enemies such as Corpus units.
  • A Naramon Pol polarity slot.
  • In comparison to original Twin Vipers:
    • Slightly higher total physical damage.
    • Larger magazine size.
    • Higher critical chance and damage.
    • Better accuracy.
    • Higher status chance.


  • Lower Slash b Slash damage than the Twin Vipers.
  • Needs elemental damage to deal with factions other than Corpus.
  • Very ammo inefficient if not modded properly.
  • High rate of fire forces lots of reloads and overkill shots, as well as wasting an unnecessary amount of ammo.
  • Status chance is still relatively low.


  • The Twin Wraith Vipers were obtained by scoring at least 100 points in The Cicero Crisis event.

Weapon LoadoutsEdit

Main article: Category:Wraith Twin Vipers Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • While the innate skin does not accept any color customizations, equipping the Desert Camo skin will accept custom colors.


  • Tapping your trigger rather than holding it down will prevent overkill of targets.
    • Furthermore, binding the scroll wheel on your mouse as an alternative firing control allows you to fire off one bullet at a time, and (to an extent) control the rate of fire.
  • Using the Pistol Ammo Mutation mod will keep this gun from running dry for a longer period of time.
  • Due to fast firing speed and decent critical damage, the Wraith Twin Vipers becomes a viable candidate for Critical builds, by adding Pistol Gambit, Target Cracker, Barrel Diffusion and Lethal Torrent, in order to release a short yet powerful blast of bullets.
  • When building with this weapon, it is recommended to install at least one Elemental mod or the Pistol Ammo Mutation, due to its initial Naramon Pol polarity.


  • This is the third known Wraith weapon along with the Gorgon Wraith (as fourth), the Strun Wraith and Machete Wraith and the first secondary Wraith weapon.
  • Despite the weapon is released as a pair, it is still unknown if its single counterpart will be released as well.
  • This is the first dual secondary that has been tweaked (via either Prime, Wraith, Vandal) beyond its standard construction.
  • The patterns and color selection of the weapons share a very similar appearance to the Rubedo-Skinned version, which was the rarest possible Rubedo skin available.


  • Side-by-side comparison of the Twin Vipers and their Wraith upgrade.


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