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With 'Warrior' and 'Crowd Dispersion' as default Precepts, Wyrm is a highly offensive Sentinel. Wyrm also comes with a laser rifle.

Wyrm is an offensive Sentinel pre-equipped with Laser Rifle as its default weapon.

Wyrm's Crowd Dispersion can ragdoll multiple enemies in its radius, whereas Dethcube's Vaporize can only stun a single enemy. Effectively, Crowd Dispersion is more similar to Shade's Ghost in that it stops enemies from attacking its master, but for far shorter periods of time.

In summary, Wyrm can be treated as a middle ground between the offensive Dethcube and the defensive Shade.

Wyrm specific Precept mods
Name Description
Crowd Dispersion

Unleashes radial stun damage when multiple enemies are nearby. Increasing level increases range.

Warrior Sentinel will attack first visible enemy in range. Increasing level increases range.
List of Sentinel Mods
Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 24 hrs
Rush: Platinum64 30
MarketIcon Market Price: Platinum6475 Blueprint2 Blueprints Price: Credits64100,000

Sentinel Loadouts

Main article: Category:Wyrm Sentinel Build

See the user build section for builds using this sentinel.



  • Wyrm was introduced in Update 7.
  • A "Wyrm" is a mythological dragon from European folklore with leathery, bat-like wings, and a long, muscular tail. The sentinel bears a similar resemblance.
  • With the introduction of Wyrm Prime in Update 13.7, Wyrm became the first companion with a Prime version.


  • Dragon Wyrm by LordOfWar666
  • wyrm (frost color theme) by Xodahs
  • wyrm (frost color theme) with Mech set. by Xodahs

Patch History

Update: Recurring Dreams
  • Fixed Wyrm's Warrior Mod sometimes targeting friendly targets.

Update 18.12

  • Loki Prime, Bo Prime, and Wyrm Prime have been removed from the Void and put into the Prime Vault until further notice.

Update 18.10

  • Improved Wyrms Crowd Dispersion missing enemies that were very close to you.
  • Wyrms Crowd Dispersion range has been re-scaled as you upgrade it. Previously the range maxed out at 10m at rank 3, now it scales from 6, 6.8, 7.6, 8.4, 9.2,10 meters
  • Tweaked Wyrms Crowd Dispersion physics to make the knock-back more realistic.

Hotfix 18.4.7

  • Fixed an error in Wyrmius' loading screen causing an oversized Liset to appear instead of a Wyrm.


  • Fixed crash when pressing controller's Start button to play Wyrmius.

Update 18.3

  • Fixed an error causing no enemies to spawn in Wyrmius.

Update 13.9

  • Fixed issues with rotation of Event Emblems on Wyrm Prime.

Update 12.6

  • Wyrm: 30m max range on attack precept

Update 9.4

  • Fixes for badges on Wyrm and Dethcube being offset.

Update 8.2

  • Fix for Wyrm?s crowd dispersion not being able to stun certain enemy types.
  • Fix for Wyrms crowd dispersion not stunning certain enemies during attack sequences.
  • Fixed range damage issues with Wyrms crowd dispersion.

Hotfix 8.1.3

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