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Faction IconCorpusB Corpus
Robotic 1,000
Proto Shield 15,000
Alloy Armor 25
Base Experience 1,000
Codex Scans 3
CODEX Entry: ZanukaCodexbw
Fast with claw and missile attacks.

Zanuka is Alad V's pet created with parts of various Warframes, this is also the proudly announced product of the Zanuka Project. Both Alad V and Zanuka are encountered together on Themisto, Jupiter.



Explained on this page.


  • It appears to have some sort of rocket attack.
    • It's similar to the Jackal's Rocket Barrage, but those rockets are slower and more precise.
  • Dispel (Similar to the Stalker ability)
  • Freeze (Same effect as walking on ice patches in the Void).
  • Antimatter Drop (Zanuka only uses it when you down Alad V in order to allow it to revive him).
  • Revive Alad V
    • Will reduce Zanuka's shields to zero during the rescue attempt.


  • In the Codex, it shares the same idle animation as the Charger.
  • If Nekros lands the finishing blow on Zanuka, it can be brought back through Shadows of the Dead. It is unknown if this is actually supposed to happen and if it will be fixed or not.
  • A similar being, the Harvester, shares its likeness, except it can appear on any map.
  • Scanning the Zanuka when it attacks you, outside of the boss fight on Jupiter, does NOT appear to have a yielded result in the codex.
  • The Zanuka is the first evidence of any race other than the Orokin having any success manipulating Warframes. The game has made mention of the both the Corpus and Grineer being unsuccessful trying to use them in the past.
  • If one looks closely, the arc-like beams on Zanuka's head seems similar to the Corrupted / Frost Prime headpieces.


  • If Zanuka appears in the map B of an endless defense mission, it may be stuck in the cylindrical Orokin Reactor. AOE source of damage (such as Nova's Molecular Prime or Nyx's Absorb or even slam attack of melee weapon) can reach Zanuka and Zanuka can attack the Tenno standing on the Orokin Reactor.


  • The 'voice' of Zanuka.
  • If left alone long enough, Zanuka will become idle and stand still.

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